9 Fool Proof Ways On How to Make a Guy Fall Crazy in Love with You

how to make a guy fall crazy in love with you

Are you interested to know how to make a guy fall crazy in love with you?

Well, you can make it happen, but you need to make some extra effort and improve your style.

Here are some powerful methods that you can use to make sure that you accomplish your goal.

To cause a guy to become interested in you and keep in interest, you must first grab his attention; and this is something that seems difficult to carry out.

There are lots of diversions, interruptions and madness that people encounter everyday; and it requires great determination and effort to get a guy fall madly in love with you.

Because of this, you keep wondering what qualities they are looking for in a partner and what you should do to make yourself interesting to them.

Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Guy Fall Crazy in Love With You.

There are only a few men who are very simple and easy to understand.

The majority of them have complex personalities, but in spite of this difference, they are the same in finding what is attractive in women.

For this greater number of men, getting interested and falling in love with a woman is not always as simple as putting on a nice intimate apparel.

First of all, you have to accept the fact that you can’t force a guy to have deep feelings for you, even if you focus all your energy into the relationship.

However, rousing his interest to love you is very possible. Simply put, you can inspire him to love you.

So, make a determined attempt to make him madly in love with you through these suggestions, and we promise you: he will be falling head over heels or very much in love with you.

These tips are not about physical appearances.

These are about the steps that will make you learn how to make a guy fall crazy in love with you.

These are also the qualities that will make your man come to a standstill and decide and say to himself: “This is the woman that I will learn to love with all my heart and soul”.

1. Love yourself before all others.

You must love yourself first, before you can expect your man to fall in love with you.

Don’t be like other women who are lacking in self confidence and self esteem.

If you want the guy to love you like crazy, try your best to increase your levels of self love.

Why would you want to dislike or even hate yourself? It’s not healthy, and it’s not attractive.

It will have a negative effect on your whole being, and no man will ever learn to love a woman who doesn’t love herself.

Always remember that.

2. Act naturally according to your character and instincts.

This means to just be yourself, don’t be like the woman that you imagine yourself to be.

Pretending is not a good quality and will not attract a man’s love, especially once he discovers that you are acting and speaking how another person does.

Are you not happy with yourself that you need to imitate somebody else?

Love develops through a long lasting relationship, so for a guy to love you, take care of your relationship, and be true to yourself from the start.

3. Take care of yourself.

Be aware of how you look.

To get a guy pleased and interested in you, always do your best to become presentable.

Besides keeping yourself in shape (exercises, eating healthy, good hygiene, etc) you should also choose what you wear.

Wherever you may need to go and whatever you have to do, make sure that you are dressed appropriately.

You can never say when you are going to bump into that special someone, so always be dressed well and decent enough to be seen by all kinds of people.

4. Give your partner a chance to talk, and listen when he does.

Don’t talk more than you listen.

Give your partner a chance to tell you what he want; to express himself.

If you have something to speak about, so does he.

You both want to be heart, so avoid keeping the conversation exclusively to yourself only.

Talking without interruptions will make the guy lose interest in you, and it will lessen your chances for him to fall for you.

5. Be always calm and approachable.

When you are in a relationship, you cannot avoid misunderstandings and fighting; and when you fight you naturally become angry at your partner.

To make him love you more, strive to have a happy heart and a pleasant energy right after an emotional outburst.

It will take so much effort but it’s doable; so practice, practice, practice.

Soon you will discover that you are able to remain calm even in the most difficult situation.

And your guy will love you for it.

6. Be open.

If a guy doesn’t know you enough, how can you expect him to go crazy over you?

You need to be open to him, but it’s not to say that you tell him about something private or secret.

Instead, let him know about your purpose in life, your aspirations, and what inspire you.

Tell him what you think about a news item.

Or what activities make you happy.

This will make him find out the real you, and ultimately fall in love with you.

7. Be independent.

Being independent means that you free from someone’s control.

You do not depend on another person’s authority for your subsistence or livelihood.

You do not need the approval of anybody.

With this quality, you can definitely make a guy crazy over you.

He is aware that you don’t need him in your life, yet you choose him to become your partner.

Isn’t that something?

8. Get him wanting more.

Men like to work for what they want.

The find chasing you very exciting and also fun.

So don’t give him all of yourself in one plate.

Make it little by little, as if you’re feeding a bird on the palm of your hand.

Giving your all to him will make him understand that you are easy to get, and therefore, will not make him crazy over you.

Make him work for what he wants; let him chase you.

And he will find you interesting and someone to love.

9. Be unpredictable.

To grab the attention of a guy, you should be able to stir things up to get him excited.

It does not mean always, but once in a while.

You do something that is out of the norm, and he won’t be able to tell what you are going to do, or how you are going to behave during a date.

Do this and believe me, he will surely fall for you.


So, here are some of the essential principles of how to make a guy fall crazy in love with you. These can attract a guy to your side because when you do these things perfectly, you are sure to pique his interest or curiosity in you. Eventually he will learn to love you.