Does He Really Love Me? 10 Signs That Says He Truly Loves You

does he really love me

“Does he really love me?” is a question that most women find difficult to answer.

It can be tricky, but it is answerable.

There are ways to find out if your man truly is in love with you.

You simply observe his words, actions and reactions when he is with you.

Look for some signs like, for example, how much he wants to spend time with you, and other things.

It is easy to see if the guy is happy being with you.

His facial expression and his body language will tell it all.

Also take note of how he speaks with you, how he treats you in public.

Always remember, though, that every guy is different, and the suggestions listed below may or may not be applicable to your situation.

Does He Really Me

Does he really love you, is a question asked by every girl, who’s in a love relationship, because girls usually want commitment, which many guys are not ready to give.

So here are some tell-tale signs , which will tell you whether your guy genuinely loves you or not.

10 indicators that will tell if the guy really loves you.

“Does he really love me?” is an often-asked question because any woman would like to make sure that the guy truly and strongly loves her.

She keeps her guard up because she wants to protect herself from getting hurt in the end. Fortunately, a guy’s love can be assessed and determined through these 10 indicators.

1. He thinks of you first thing in the morning and keeps you in his mind the whole day

Love is a healthy and rewarding obsession.

You know that you have entered a man’s mind, soul and spirit when he sends you messages upon waking up.

He also keeps in touch during the day by texting or calling you, and sending notes that will make you smile.

This is one good way to show how he feels about you.

He makes you a part of his daily life, even if you are not together at any given time.

2. He cares for you, and he shows it

He always wants to know how you are doing; and checks up on you to make sure that you are safe and fine.

People tend to be self-centered, regardless of gender.

However, when they fall in love, they begin to care for their special someone as much as they care for themselves.

If your guy is like these people, and he checks up on you constantly, you can consider yourself loved by him.

3. He wants to make your life easier, even to a point that he goes out of his way

He would be willing to go to any difficulty for your personal comfort.

When you need a ride, he would pick you up from out of his regular way.

When you need something and you are not able to get it, he would go to the store and get it for you.

He is happy to give you what you need, and you don’t even need to beg for it.

That is the kind of guy who is madly in love with you.

4. He actually listens when you speak about how your day went

Your man is truly interested in anything that you have to say.

Be it about your work, how your day went, what you saw, what you felt about something, and more.

He listens to you patiently and with real interest, because he wants to prove that he wants you in his life.

Even if your stories happened without him by your side, still he wants to know and become a part of your day.

5. His eyes light up upon seeing you

When you meet and see him grin from ear to ear, chances is that he is in love with you.

Look at his eyes.

You can see that he is happy and that he is filled with joy at your meeting.

That is love.

Your guy is willing to create many great memories with you, and spend time cheerfully with you.

During times that you are together, you can be sure that he will give you his full attention.

6. He values your opinion

He gives importance on how you weigh in on matters and how you see the world.

It is not only to show you his politeness and humility, as if he is simply listening to your two cents.

He would be willing to consider what you say about any matter, because he wants to put his life in a straight line with yours.

7. He treats you well, and with respect

You can tell that a man loves you if he makes you feel his deep admiration.

He regards you with high esteem; he acknowledges your happy days.

He congratulates and praises you for your good achievements.

He cries with you at your failure.

Above all, he can even fit in with your peculiar or eccentric habits.

This is the guy who is hardly in love with you.

8. He always makes himself available for you

He is always there when you need him, whenever you are under the weather or feeling like the world is ganging up on you.

He will be your knight in shining armor, trying to save you from sadness or any type of worries.

He will always be ready to protect you from any harm in any way he could; and he will protect you better than he protects himself.

He would not want to see you in danger, but if he does, he can be a ruthless and brave fighter.

9. He shows his affection for you in public

Most guys are great only in private settings.

A man who is in love is proud to put his arm around you when in public.

He wants to shout to the world, “This is the girl that I will marry and share a future with”.

This also shows a protective gesture.

The hugs and cuddles that he gives you do not signify that he wants to have sex.

This guy knows that you crave for these actions and that you will be happy to get it from you.

10. He discusses his future with you

A man in love with a woman will include you when he considers his future plans.

He will be proud to introduce you to his family and expect you to learn to love them.

He will also would his family to develop a liking for you.

These are the times you feel that he truly loves you.


Well, these are the signs that will answer your question, “Does he really love me?”

Does your partner hit above or below these indicators?

It is for you to answer after you have observed about his attitude when you are with him, and even when you are not together.