7 Ways On How to Open Your Heart and Attract Love and Positivity Into Your Life

how to attract love into your life

People, usually, make it their goal to find their true love, along with money and success in life.

If you are unmarried or uncommitted and are looking for someone to live the rest of your life with, there are things that will let you learn how to attract love into your life.

It is unquestionably true that for love to last, it will need more than being beautiful and possessing special skills.

What this means is that you have to work hard for you to achieve it.

You may have to endure some bad times, disappointments, headaches, dates that you wouldn’t want to repeat, before you are able to find your one true love.

These bad experiences, however, give you some lessons to learn and allow you to handle relationships better.

Good or bad times, you must learn to be happy.

When you feel that you are ready for a loving, alive, vibrant, passionate, and harmonious relationship, you can start attracting love into your life.

How To Attract Love Into Your Life and Live Happily Ever After

Of paramount and crucial importance in attracting love is to look for it with a plan.

You wouldn’t want to attract disappointments, so have a clear sense of things that you want to do so you can receive the love that you’ve been looking for.

Then make these things part of your nature by learning and practicing.

Love may not be where and when you believe it can be.

So it will be best that you keep an open mind and be quick to notice the signs.

These signs might be in the form of chance meetings, concurrence of circumstances or serendipity, or repeated visual images.

Start everyday visualizing that you are with the person who loves you and who you love.

This is the energy that will drive you into a particular situation that will make you find that love of your dreams.

To make your chances on how to attract love into your life as great as possible, we list down some steps that you can consider putting into practice.

You won’t be feeling hopeless because everything else before has failed.

These tips, when followed, will work wonders and allow you to easily find your life partner or soul mate.

1. Realize your value, accept and love yourself.

You must define your own worth first before you act to attract the love that you’ve been wishing for.

Evaluating oneself is very rare among us, many people don’t do it.

However once we do, we are able to define our own worth, and we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Learn to love yourself first.

You won’t be able to love other people unless you develop that feeling for yourself.

Caring for yourself will allow you to attract the love in your life, which is the real love that you desire.

2. Be realistic in your expectations.

Expectation is a belief that your future partner will do or achieve what you want.

This is one reason why relationships tend to break up when one partner fails to do as expected.

For example, if you are very neat and clean at the house, you want your partner to fix the bed upon waking up.

If he does not, you become frustrated, and fighting will follow.

If you want to attract love, prevent yourself from setting extremely big expectations.

Every human being is different, and each has his own way of doing things.

3. Be happy about being alone.

What that means is that you should be comfortable in your own company.

You should be happy even before you enter into a relationship.

Your happiness should not depend on who is with you or not.

This is why you are advised first to find your self worth, because once you realize it, you can be peacefully satisfied with your own self.

Bear in mind that your sadness and happiness is your own responsibility and not the responsibility of other people.

Therefore, the more you are comfortable in your own company, the more you can have a calm mind.

You will then have the ability to handle relationship issues when they pop out.

Another advantage of being alone is you don’t have to be with people who deny you the opportunity to become happy.

4. Determine what you really want.

Figure out the kind of future partner that you want to stay in a relationship.

Strive to find that someone who will hold your hand while traveling the distance, regardless of whether the road is smooth or rough.

If you have other realistic expectations, note them down, make a checklist, and remember to verify from time to time.

This will ensure you that you are going in the right direction.

After you have taken everything into consideration, you will be able to find The One of your life.

5. Eliminate toxic people in your life.

Toxic people are those who tend to create drama and surround themselves with it.

They also want to use people to achieve what they want, and to manipulate.

These are the people that you should stay away from, and do not form a relationship with them.

Consider them a sign of problem and danger to any relationship.

It does not matter if you go through several break ups, as long as you end up with the right person, and that right person will be your permanent life partner.

He will be happy living with you as you are with him.

6. Understand the meaning of true love.

Learn to differentiate true love from infatuation.

When you meet someone that you are attracted to, you think that you are already in love with him, when in fact he is the wrong person for you.

What you feel for him is an intense passion or admiration which is short-lived.

Don’t insist that it is real love.

Bear in mind that a wrong match will not give you one hundred per cent satisfaction and peace of mind.

True love means that you love each other equally and in the same intensity.

It could also be that he loves you more that you love him, and you can definitely say that it is the perfect love.

7. Focus on what you really want.

Finally, you apply the Law of Attraction here.

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

We do.

It means that if you focus on finding love, you will actually attract love into your life.

It is universally accepted that every person is likely to be influenced by the rules governing the Universe; and it does not matter what the age, race or spiritual aspect of one’s religion.

It means that all our thoughts can turn into reality, you just need to focus on your goals and work to have them achieved.


How to attract love into your life is a question that can be answered by exercising these above techniques. Once you have put them into good use, you can be sure that love will be finding its way to your life. Just focus and believe, and you will receive what you want.