10 Tips On How to Attract That Right Someone Back Into Your Life Again

how to attract someone back into your life

Sometimes it’s after you have broken the relationship and stopped seeing each other that you realize he is still the man for you.

So now you are looking to know how to attract someone back into your life.

Fortunately what you want can be possible through the Law of Attraction.

In the first place, why did you break up?

Did he cheat on you, or you did it to him?

You want him back now; what made you change your mind?

Maybe you have come to understand that you are still in love with him, and you can’t live without him.

Well, don’t worry, because the Law of Attraction will make your wish possible.

You can use this law effectively and you’ll be able to attract this man back with baffling speed.

We have enumerated the steps that you should take on a regular basis until that someone comes back to you for a renewed and stronger relationship.

Understand every step and do it without fail.

Guidelines on How to Attract Someone Back Into Your Life

Stop wondering now if it is possible to take the man back after you’ve separated.

You know you still care for him, and you broke up only because of some negative things that happened while you two were still together.

Of course this split up has made you heartbroken; you expected then that you will live together forever.

You are now very determined to get him back to you.

However, before you even do anything, you have to make sure that this is really what you want; that you are not just disappointed at being by yourself after being together for a long period.

Also you might just be scared of being alone with no one to care for you as you get older.

Once you have convinced yourself that you still want him, and that you will do everything to attract him back, follow these guidelines that will keep you in the right direction.

Every couple separation can be undone.

The Law of Attraction is working continuously like the force that attracts a body towards the earth’s center.

So if you want to know how to attract someone back into your life, believe that it will happen, and so it will.

If you two really suit each other, surely you will be drawn back to him.

1. Act and think like you have gotten him back

Begin acting like you two are back into each others arms.

When you buy things for yourself, buy also something for him.

When you lie down on your bed, reserve a space for him.

After work, be home early, so you can see each other.

In everything you do, always consider that he is with you already.

These actions will allow you to send a signal to the Universe, so that that someone will be sent to you.

2. Make that someone’s good qualities the center of your interest

Focus on the good qualities of your ex if you want him back, or when you have to fix a relationship that has turned cold because of a partner that is not so easy to please or satisfy.

When you see something to appreciate in him, the Law of Attraction will surely work for you.

3. Form a mental image of yourself being loved

Attract that someone back by visualizing you and him together.

Think how much you care for each other and how much you want to be in each other’s company.

Be creative, and do all these in the present tense everyday.

Focus your attention on the happiness and a feeling of enthusiasm that you share with your special someone.

4. Keep away from desperation

Have a firmly held belief or opinion about this person that you want to attract back into your life.

Keep away from desperation, or the thought that you are insufficient as this brings about negative feelings.

Once the negative signals are sent out, you won’t be able to get what you desire, because the Universe will not give him to you.

Instead, appreciate who you are and all the qualities and abilities that you possess.

5. Make positive affirmations

Affirmations such as “I value myself highly”, or “I want to attract my man back”, or “I love myself”, etc.

Are only some examples that you can make.

Affirmations done in the present tense will improve your vibrations and thus bring you together with the man that you desire.

You can write them down on a piece of paper and read them out aloud every morning when you wake up, and at night before going to bed.

6. Improve your self confidence

People will pay you attention and would be happy to be around you if you are able to display strong self confidence.

This is a very attractive force and will give you the ability to attract who you want to attract into your life.

Being self assured means that you believe in yourself and your own abilities; that you can do everything that you want to do without asking others for help or assistance.

7. Love yourself

Love yourself first before you can love others.

Love is available in large quantities in the Universe, so have yourself filled with it until it spills over and make people attracted to you.

Love yourself in a genuine way, and when you love others, follow the biblical teaching, “Love your neighbors as you love yourself”.

8. Respect and honor yourself

If you show respect for yourself, that someone that you are trying to attract may change his feelings towards you and may decide to come back.

That is because honoring oneself means that you believe that you are respectable, worthy, and deserving of the love and care that you strongly want.

So shower yourself with honors and you’ll see how quickly the man of your life will come back to you.

9. Become your own best friend

Simply, enjoy your own company. Enjoy your time by yourself.

Become self sufficient so you don’t have to depend on other people to define you.

Men love this type of women, who have inner peace and joy when they are alone.

This is not to say that you should not be around people.

What it truly states is that you should be able to stand on your own, instead of being dependent on others.

10. Have a deeper understanding of yourself

Evaluate yourself and have peace.

Accept what you will discover, including your flaws and limitations.

Think about yourself carefully.

You might find your inner passions, and start doing things that are in accord or agreement with your words, actions, and ideas.


Once you have learned how to attract someone back into your life and you’re once again together, bear in mind that this is a brand new relationship. All the negative emotions and regrets of the past should be forgotten so you can start life anew.