8 Secrets On How to Attract the Guy You Want and Make Him Approach You

how to attract the guy you want

Knowing how to attract the guy you want needs much effort to accomplish, simply because not all men are the same. As a result, every girl like you must have some secret strategies that you can use when you begin trying to gain the attention of your crush.

Dating is hard for a man, as well as a woman like you , especially if you don’t have a special someone to go out with. There is a man that you want, but the problem is that he doesn’t seem to be attracted to you.

The good news is that you can tempt him to notice and approach you by using some tips and tricks that will help you attract even the guys that you thought are impossible to lure.

You may need to change something about yourself, such as your manner of dressing. If you’re always dressed as a nun, no man will get attracted to you. So perhaps you can decide to wear some low cut tops and some fashionable pieces.

How to Attract the Guy You Want

If you’ve been trying to be close to that special somebody, and finds that he doesn’t even notice that you’re around, don’t worry about it too much. There are measures that you can take to attract his attention.

When you are getting ready to party, you probably include in your checklist things that may allow you to become attractive to the opposite sex.

You may wear a sexy top and a pair of heels that leaves a great impact as you walk by. However you need more than these to get him attracted to you and make an approach.

You also need to appeal to his subconscious, which greatly influences his actions and feelings. How to attract the guy you want is the common question by many girls who dream of finding their perfect someone.

It’s really difficult if you don’t have the techniques to enable you to accomplish your purpose of grabbing the man of your dreams. These are the steps that will let him know that you exist in this world.

1. Always smile to show that you have an approachable bearing

When a guy sees you the first time, one thing he will try to decide is whether or not you would mind speaking to him.

One thing that will make a man attracted to you is when he sees that you are open to conversation.

If you keep smiling, a guy will find you attractive to a very great degree.

Give him a small smile (not too wide), something flirty. It will also make you look confident when your smile shows your teeth.

2. Consciously and intentionally make eye contact with him

This will also give you an appearance of being confident on yourself.

You don’t feel awkward when your eyes meet, and you are not afraid to show through your eyes that you like him.

Making eye contact with your favorite guy is a good move; it makes you look open and interested.

However, don’t allow yourself to get caught looking at him lovingly from a distance.

People who see you will think that you are obsessed.

3. Choose your circle of friends

Do you still remember the saying, “tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”?

So, choose your friends. When a guy sees that you are surrounded by nice people, he automatically decides that you are nice too.

When you are with your friends, show him that you are having a good time.

Laugh with them at every joke and funny antics.

Men usually are attracted to and want to get to know women who are fun.

4. Wear clothes that flatter your figures

Perhaps you should show off your shoulders, like what today’s women do.

You can also prefer to wear some discreet styles such as halter or tube top over those dresses that show how desperate you are.

Always consider fashion styles that flatter your figure.

Make sure also that you draw attention to your neck with a necklace.

This part of your body is mysteriously seductive to men, as this speaks of femininity and vulnerability.

5. Your drink can be used as an instrument to seduce him

When handled correctly your drink can be used to attract the attention of your guy.

Your unusual way of holding it allows for it to be a topic of conversation.

When you need to click your glass with your new gentleman friend, you can do it in a flirtatious way.

Prevent yourself from holding your glass the whole time that you’re there at the party, cradling it and fidgeting with the straw in a restless or nervous way.

Instead, use your hands to stress a point when you are talking with him.

6. Show your beautiful legs and draw attention to it

Men are always attracted by beautiful legs of a woman.

If you’ve got a shapely pair of legs, don’t hide them in midis or pants when you expect to meet your future better half. Show them off by wearing a mini skirt.

When you’re sitting on a seat that has no back and arms, like those you find in bars (banquette or bench), try intersecting your legs every few minutes to make your man’s attention drawn to it. It’s very flirtatious.

7. Put on a look of intense determination

Men need a whole lot more of gradual persuasion or flattery to make them attracted to you.

Give him flirty looks that will tell him that you notice him and that he is welcome if he wants to make those steps to approach you.

So don’t just stand there and look breathtaking.

When you come face to face with him, slightly raise your eyebrows, so he will think whether or not you’ve met and have known each other before.

He will then start a conversation with you.

8. Be yourself

Remember that guys don’t like fake women.

It is important that he gets to know who you really are, and not some other girls that you are trying so hard to imitate in looks and in action.

Avoid putting on an act just to make that hunk of a man to like you and invite you for a date.

If he dates you, then you will have to speak and act as to make it appear that you are that imaginary woman the whole time that you are together.

It would be easier if you just be yourself and he’ll surely be attracted to you.


With these techniques, you will never find it difficult knowing how to attract the guy you want. Some of the tactics here are sneaky, but they are worth trying and can give you positive outcome. You can never attract a man only by looking gorgeous when you don’t do anything to make them drawn to you.