7 Things You Need To Know On How to Breakup With Someone You Love

how to breakup with someone you love

Trying to know how to break up with someone you love can be difficult.

When you are deeply in love with that person but staying with him will not be right for you, you would want to end the relationship.

Doing it is really hard, and these tips might be able to help.

You love him with all your heart, but you’ve learned to realize that this relationship is not for you.

There are reasons why you should break up with him, and these reasons cannot be patched up by continuing to be with him.

Now, you are very sure that breaking up is what you really want.

You don’t know what to do, when to do it, and how you should go about doing it.

Because you still care for him, you don’t want to hurt his feelings too much when you announce that you want to be freed.

So you need to be careful in dealing with this issue; and here are our recommendations that will certainly be helpful.

Some Useful Tips on How to Break Up with Someone You Love

It’s easy to end a relationship with a person that you don’t like anymore; but it’s a different thing to break up with him if you know that you still love him.

Once you have decided for the break up, you’ll have to initiate it while not feeling guilty for being the “bad” one.

When you hold a conversation to discuss matters about your separation, always remember that it is your decision and not his.

So when he tries to change your mind, as you can expect, you should refuse to give in to his argument.

Instead, explain yourself to him.

This may hurt his feeling (of course, you are hurting, too) but do your best to lessen the pain by choosing your words carefully.

You may be firm while at the same time respectful; and after this, you’ll find yourself doing okay.

Deciding to end your relationship with a person that you care about is not easy, but you should pay attention to the fact that you’re not happy anymore staying with him.

Maybe you have tried to fix your difficult situation, but with no success; so you are now finding ways on how to break up with someone you love.

1. Be certain that you really want to break up with him.

Bear in mind that this is the choice that you made after carefully considering other alternatives.

Do you actually want to separate from him? Remember that it is likely that you may never be back to each other arms again.

What if you change your mind and realize that you still want him in your life?

You will then be damaging your relationship in a way that it becomes impossible to repair.

2. Break up only for the right reasons.

Breaking up will cause you and your partner pain and sufferings, so make sure that you are initiating this for all the right reasons.

Maybe you are being pulled in opposite directions by your different plans in life, or maybe you don’t realize that you will get the life that you want from him.

Maybe the relationship puts you to an emotional trauma.

Don’t keep the relationship for the reason that you don’t want to hurt him. It’s not right.

3. Before you announce the break up to him, make the necessary arrangements.

If you are living in, decide who will stay and who will leave the home.

Or, you can discuss it with him when you finally talk about the break up.

If he wants to move out, he would need some time to find his own place.

Alternatively if you are not together, but you see each other everyday at the workplace, you may consider asking to be relocated to another branch, or finding another job.

Moving on from the break up may be difficult if you keep interacting with one another on a regular basis.

4. Choose the right time to break the news.

You cannot find a proper time when you are breaking up, but there are situations that you should consider delaying telling him the news.

Some examples are: when he has a crisis in the family such as death or losing his home to fire. The news of a break up will cause him additional pain.

Also, when you are angry in the middle of a fight with him, you just say without thinking that you want a break up.

This is as wrong as announcing the break up while you are in a public place, where everyone around you can hear.

Find a table in a restaurant, and there you can discuss.

When you want a break up with a person that you care about, do it personally; not through text or email, but face to face.

You can use email or text messages only to ask him that you talk about something very important.

5. Don’t surprise him with the news of the break up.

That is to say, your man must be prepared emotionally for the conversation that will occur.

Avoid blurting it out extemporaneously, while you two are talking about something else.

Before you plan a meeting, send him a message in advance, hinting about the break up.. and wait for his confirmation so that you know that he knows what to expect.

6. Break the news to him carefully and honestly.

Don’t be cruel when telling him your intent and also your reasons.

Being unpleasant and rough will only add to his sufferings, and you don’t want that.

After all you’re still in love with him. When you phrase your complaints or criticisms well, the pain of being rejected will somehow be lessened.

He deserve to be told the truth, but doing it in a harsh way will not be to the interest of both of you.

Tell him everything that is in your heart and how you were able to arrive at this decision.

7. Suggest that you remain friends.

Although it may not be possible during the early days after the break up, suggest it anyway.

Just think that his ego might have been damaged to consider staying friends with you.

Let a couple of months pass and try again, but if he’s been too hurt, it may take longer.

As an afterthought, refrain yourself from calling or texting him immediately after you two have agreed on the break up and it has been finalized.

It may send him a wrong signal, and he might find it hard to move on.

You might be tempted to know how he is doing, but control yourself.

Instead of initiating the communication, wait for him to make the first move, and you can respond accordingly.


Those are some of the techniques to take when you want to know how to break up with someone you love. These may be difficult to follow, but show some care and conscientiousness putting these tips into use, and we promise you that you will be okay and able to move on.