10 Ways On How to Find A Boyfriend If You Are Shy

how to find a boyfriend if you are shy

If you are a shy woman and single, finding a guy that you can create a relationship with seems impossible.

Shyness will prevent you from having a connection with the guy that you like.

Don’t worry; here you will learn how to find a boyfriend if you are shy.

Being a shy person may mean that you are always conscious about what other people may think, so you don’t usually interact socially.

It is not in your vocabulary to introduce yourself to men, speak with them, and ask them out for a date.

You would prefer to stay at home and be comfortable watching TV, attending to your garden, reading books, or playing with your pets..

Your shyness can create difficulties in your interactions with men, much more in the getting to know you stage, and in the creation of deeper connections with them.

You must be able to manage your shyness.

It will enable you to make a lasting relationship with the man that you like.

How to Find a Boyfriend if You are Shy

It is not important that you be an extrovert and overly convivial to be able to strike a good conversation for a man to develop feelings for you.

You just need to pay attention to what they are saying and make them feel like every word they utter is being heard. It means that you truly care about him.

A guy likes it when he is appreciated by women.

If you practice and focus in making good conversations, you will make him feel special.

He will appreciate you also, and eventually develop deep feelings for you.

You should learn everything about him, including his job, his family, his friends, and so on.

Then lead him to tell you about them. If he asks you about the same things, be ready to share information with him also.

This way, you will have something to talk about that are interesting to both of you.

Know how to find a boyfriend if you are shy by looking at the following tips below.

We have ten suggestions for you here. If you follow any number of them, you are certain to be in a relationship in no time at all.

Make sure, though, that you intend to keep the connection and not be in it for just a short time.

1. Battle your shyness

In simple terms, be confident in yourself, which may sound to be opposing your natural self.

However, you should know that self-confidence is the number one trait a guy looks for in a woman.

If you set aside your shyness, you can be sure that you will be able to receive what you long for.

You know who you are; you respect your limitations, and you know what you expect and not to expect from men.

2. Have a lively, positive, and optimistic attitude

Guys are usually drawn to girls that show optimistic and positive attitude, because this trait makes them feel good.

You will be highly esteemed and great times with you will be expected.

You will be easily get noticed by men if you are very lively and do not tend to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about almost everything.

Avoid complaining a lot; men do not like this.

He will run away once he imagines life with someone who displays some negative traits.

3. Enhance your looks

Dress to attract the opposite sex.

You do not impress the other women, but the man who you are interested to become your boyfriend.

Put on the nicest outfits and match them with unique accessories.

These will make you appear to be noticeably and clearly better than other ordinary girls.

When it comes to your hair, grow it out to a healthy waist line or medium length.

Men prefer women with long hair over those with very short or cropped hair.

Wearing heels will also help you walk in a feminine fashion.

4. Act according to your natural character and instincts

Be yourself.

Be able to display a relaxed confidence in own self.

Have a clear understanding of your abilities when you interact with guys.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

When you act naturally, men will surely notice you and perhaps pursue a relationship with you.

If you can not be yourself, men will think that you are a fake, and will not likely fall for you.

If you feel happy, show that you are.

Never try to hide what you feel because men will easily notice.

5. Stay active in your interests

If you involve in things that you are interested in, you will feel more comfortable in yourself.

Some of your shyness may disappear when you join some favorite activities in school, clubs, organizations that you are attracted to.

You might meet like minded people, and who knows?

You can find your perfect match in this environment.

You can easily overcome your shyness with individuals who share the same interest with you.

6. Get outside of your comfort levels

This is easier talked about than put into practice, because you will be doing things that you are not comfortable doing.

However, it is worth trying, especially if your shyness may make your desire for a boyfriend impossible to achieve.

Why let your shyness get in the way on many occasions.

Go out there and meet the guy of your dreams and speak with him.

Get to know him better, however uncomfortable you may feel.

7. Be in a position where you are likely to meet your potential boyfriend

Meet boys through common acquaintances in school, at work, through friends, and family.

This is an easier method, rather than meeting a new guy.

With boys that you already know, you may already be feeling comfortable around them.

Check people who you are socially connected with.

If you can’t find no one, you can consider joining a class or find your romantic interest online.

8. Be socially graceful

Have the skills to help you interact in social situations.

Doing 7 above, is not enough, though.

You should be able to start exchanging ideas through a conversation and keep it going.

You might find it difficult because you are shy, but you need to adjust your attitude and have a constant practice. Make eye contacts, smile genuinely, and ask him questions that are not only answerable by Yes or No.

9. Make some flirting

However, your acts should not be obvious.

When asking for a date, usually the man gives the invitation.

However, if he doesn’t, you should be ready to invite him, but use indirect and clever methods to achieve what you desire.

10. Maintain your close relationship

Create a harmonious relationship in which you both understand each others ideas and feelings. Learn to communicate with him well as he is with you.

This is rapport building. Show sincerity, empathy, and warmth.

You need to work hard to maintain your connection, in spite of your shyness.


These are the best suggestions on how to find a boyfriend if you are shy. Being a reserved woman who shows timidity in the company of a guy is no reason to live a lonely life. Simply follow these tips, and magic will come to you.