10 Ways On How to Get Him to Commit and Want You More

how to get him to commit

Many guys are scared to death to bind themselves in a relationship, but a woman who likes her man very much should make the right moves to get him to commit.

You never have to worry about what steps to take to get your loved one to commit to your relationship.

It’s but natural for a woman like you to strongly wish for commitment and security than your man does.

However, even if the guy truly loves you, you may still find him disinclined to commit.

All relationships should be founded on love, respect and loyalty.

If you’re dating a man who you’d want to spend your life with, we are ready to give you some tips that will make your relationship free from restrictions and conditions.

How to Get Him to Commit

There are many ways to do this. However, before taking action, you should find out the reasons why he is hesitant to commit.

It is not necessary to bluntly and directly ask him about it.

Sooner or later you will know.

Perhaps it is about his ex, his job, his childhood, or even his family.

By simply taking notice of what he says about himself, or how he reacts to some things, you will know if he’s got some issues that prevents him to make your much desired commitment.

How to get him to commit to you in moves that will not result in discomfort, revulsion, and him pulling away from the relationship.

Men who feel that they are being pressured on something such as commitment tend to think very carefully about the relationship and eventually back out from it.

So don’t ever think that persuading, intimidating, or influencing him will make him do what you want him to.

Here are 10 artful techniques that are sure to help.

1. Act according to your own character and not influenced by others

It means that he should see you as your own self, not a duplicate of someone.

Your guy will love you for being secure in yourself, independent, and doing your own thing.

Exhibit the quality of a girl friend material who enjoys the companionship with him while having a life that is beyond the boundaries of your relationship.

Giving him all your attention might make him feel restricted and this might suffocate him.

Try to balance everything in your life, including your time with him, your career, your friends, your own family, and others.

2. Never allow yourself to always be at your man’s disposal

To put it simply, don’t make yourself available at all times.

You can see if he will pursue you and catch up with you.

If you are chased by a man, it shows that he values not only your company but your whole being as well.

While you want to date him as often as possible, refrain yourself from making the desire known to him.

This is one surefire way get him bind himself to you.

Allow him to miss you, and have fun by deliberately adopting an aloof attitude.

This will make you look interesting and attractive to him.

3. Don’t ask him repeatedly and annoyingly to commit

Frequently bringing up the subject of commitment may irritate or make him a bit angry.

This is a mistake that will certainly result in misunderstanding and eventually him running away.

Why not ease into it at a leisurely pace.

Don’t hurry, especially if you notice that he tries to avoid the subject each time you bring it up.

Give him the time he needs; he might be going through a difficult time.

Wait until he finally decides, and his commitment might surprise you.

4. Remember that sex can wait a bit more

Although it depends on the man and the woman, engaging in sex at first date may reduce the excitement of the guy on your relationship.

Some of them may totally lose interest in getting committed and run into the opposite direction instead.

Learn to tease or make attempts to stimulate or give rise to his emotions without going all out.

You will know when your connections with each other has come to the right level and sex would be okay to engage in.

5. When you are introduced to his family, learn to love them

If the man you’ve been dating introduces you to his family, it indicates that he loves you and that he has intentions of making you a part of his family.

Most guys consider their parents and siblings very important.

Making you known to his own family is his way of making sure that there would be no issues when you finally tie the knot.

6. Show confidence in your self

Be self-reliant, and always believe that you can do something well.

Show him that you can achieve success by yourself without requiring help from others.

A guy wouldn’t want to commit to you if he knows that he will take your burdens and impediments including your past experiences.

If you have insecurity issues, show him that you are making every effort to overcome those issues.

Try to believe in your sense of self assertiveness and your own abilities.

Let him know that you are worth everyone’s respect.

7. Build trust

It is not a good idea to ask a guy to commit to you for the simple reason that you don’t trust him and you are doubting his faithfulness to you.

You want your relationship to become official.

Before putting your attention or consideration to the idea of commitment, ask yourself first if the two of you trust each other.

It is because when you really believe in the truthfulness, ability and reliability of your partner, taking your relationship to the next level and to a more serious sense will be much easier.

8. Never influence your man cleverly, unfairly or unscrupulously into committing to you

Manipulating a guy to your own advantage can be damaging to your relationship once this guileful way of yours is known to him.

All his trust in you will be lost to the expense of your relationship.

Women who use their skills in drama, crying, begging and exclusive speeches for their own personal purposes cannot be trusted.

Avoid doing these things if you are looking for secure relationship.

9. Make him know that you have the qualities and abilities that are worth his recognition

The guy will love and respect you for this, and he wouldn’t need to be coerced into making the commitment.

He would want you to be part of your life, and he would work hard for it.

Let him chase you and at the same time prove to him that you are worth every effort of chasing you and getting committed to you.

10. Learn to accept once you see that you two are not going anywhere

What is the use of clinging to him continuously and appear so needy in his eyes?

This is another reason why we included self-respect in these tips.

Your relationship journey should only end with a Yes or a No, but never with an uncertain Maybe.

If he does not intend to commit, then it’s time for you to walk away from him.


How to get him to commit all boils down to making him know that you’re a good potential partner and letting you get out of his grasp would be a foolish act.