8 Ways On How to Get Him to Kiss You and Get The Sparks Flying

how to get him to kiss you

When you’re on a date with the guy you like, you might be wondering and asking yourself how to get him to kiss you.

While you can’t really make him do something which he does not intend to, you can guide him to act through some little hints about what you want.

Most men are usually uncomplicated, undemanding, honest and frank; and they can easily do what they want when it comes to kissing a woman.

However there are also times when they prefer to wait for some encouragement before they act.

You can never force a guy like that to kiss you when you want to, but you should make every effort to get him into action.

We have some tips here that you could put into practice.

These things will make certain that he will understand what you suggest even when done indirectly.

Read on in order to learn how you should handle this issue of your boyfriend’s seemingly unwillingness to give you that desired kiss.

How to get him to kiss you – 8 pieces of helpful advice

Here’s a guy that you like and who seems to like you, too.

He ‘s been taking you out on dates regularly; which leads you to anticipate a sweet kiss from him for the first time.

However, to your despair nothing happens.

What’s the matter?

He is visibly stopping himself to make the move.

Of course after a few meetings, he should show that he is attracted to you by kissing you.

But why is he scared to express his passion, or his love for you.

When he kisses you on the lips, it can mean that he sees you as more than a friend.

Maybe he wants to know if kissing you would be okay, and so he is waiting for you to give him some clues.

If this is what he wants, then why not give it to him?

Use these tactics on how to get him to kiss you, to make him understand that there is nothing to be scared about having lip locks with you.

You should act on these tips on your next date, otherwise you might lose the opportunity.

However, make sure that you don’t appear that you are an easy girl to get.

1. Make sure your lips are attractive.

If your lips are dry, cracked or sore, no man would be interested to kiss you no matter how much he likes you.

So before going out on a date with him, look at yourself in the mirror.

Take a look at your whole appearance, but if you’re aiming for a kiss, look longer at your lips.

They should be made more appealing.

Exfoliating or rubbing the lips with a granular substance to remove the dead cells from its surface will give it the desired attractiveness.

After the process, apply some lip balm, and you are ready to be kissed.

2. Draw attention to your lips.

Once you’ve taken good care of your lips, it’s time that you draw attention to them.

It means that you should do some things that will make the guy notice your lips and focus on them.

You could intentionally make a pout, or play with the straw while sipping your beverage.

Some girls run an ice cube over their lips when they date during the hot months.

Whatever you do to make your man get interested on your lips does not matter.

Your point is to make your lips noticeably appealing so that you boyfriend will want to do something about them.

3. Pretend that you’re feeling cold.

Of course you shouldn’t do this when the weather is warm, or he will know that you are just playing games with him.

Time this trick when it’s a bit cold: rub your both arms with your both hands, and consider showing him that you’re shaking a little as a result of being cold.

This will make him wrap his arms around you or put his outer garment on you, which action will make his body closer to yours.

Do you think your guy can resist kissing you at this instance?

No, he can’t.

4. Make a long fixed and vacant look at his lips and make him notice.

Even if you don’t want to become so obvious for wanting him to kiss you, giving him subtle signs that you are eager and ready to be kissed will not harm you.

Why not stare at his lips and then at his eyes, just like doing something very natural and not intentional; or you can make it appear that it’s something that you do not have control to.

This is one way of getting him to kiss you, and will be easy for him to understand.

5. Communicate with touch.

Your body language and ways of communicating with light touches will tell him a lot about your intentions.

When you two are alone somewhere, you might both feel that the world is on a standstill.

Take this chance to touch him lightly while you’re speaking to him.

It’s not necessary to put your hand on his one leg.

Simply touching his face with your palm, or stroking his arm, or placing your hand lightly over his is enough to send him a message.

Believe me, he’ll make a move to kiss you.

6. Flirt with him a bit.

For his amusement, you behave as you’re attracted to him, or that you are trying to attract him using your non verbal communication.

Your movements can also be conscious or unconscious.

For example, you lean your body closer while he speaks, pretending that you want to completely hear what he is saying.

Smile sweetly, and look at him with eyes that will excite his senses.

A desire to kiss you will be ignited and you will feel that he becomes excited to do it.

7. Go ahead, say it freely!

Once you see that your man can’t take a clue, perhaps it is time to move in a way that will make you easily perceived or understood.

As you converse, you can direct your topic to his lips or your lips.

You can tell him that his lips look very soft, or mention anything that will make him understand what you want.

8. Your final course of action.

Sometimes we simply should accept the fact that there are guys who are not blessed with the qualities that you are looking for.

If you have already done your best and still your desire did not happen, you can still do one thing before you finally put your hands up.

Why not kiss him yourself?

Yes, you make the first move.

Don’t worry that he will run away from you.

On the contrary, he might continue what you have started.


Now you’ve got them all – tactics about how to get him to kiss you on your first date and the dates that follow. So be ready to see him and do something very well with these tips and tricks that will never fail you for sure.