10 Secrets On How to Get Him to Open Up and Actually Talk to You

how to get him to open up

Dating a guy who seems to have some reservations and is so cautious about showing how he feels can be exasperating or infuriating at times.

We offer you these 10 successful suggestions that tells you how to get him to open up to you.

Let’s all be realistic about this fact: that nearly all men tend to protect their emotions for fear of an unpleasant experience.

If one of these guys is your boyfriend, you know how annoying he can be.

Even if you are together, you don’t have any idea about what is it that upsets him, or what is it that makes him happy.

Because of this reluctance to speak up, your relationship becomes strained, and you wouldn’t want that.

And to think that the whole world knows that men in general are more emotional than women, only a number is aware that they’ve been doing a great job hiding their feelings.

How to Get Him to Open Up

A man and a woman in a relationship should work together to maintain the stability of their connection to each other.

You spend time together, and you engage in healthy communication by exchanging your opinions and ideas.

This is very important, because if one partner is not able to communicate, this can result in unresolved issues that can accumulate with the passage of time.

Because men have a greater ability in hiding their thoughts and feelings, women find it really hard to make these guys open up to them.

They always tend to keep their emotions within themselves.

As a woman you may be great at communicating and letting your guard down, but that is not the case with your boyfriend.

He is your complete opposite, which might post an issue in your relationship.

Therefore things should be done to resolve this issue.

Consider the following techniques and apply them to your relationship with the man of your life.

These are sure to make you learn how to get him to open up to you.

The 10 reliable pieces of advice will lead towards the fulfillment of your desire to make your boyfriend able to communicate. So, read on.

1. Be ready to wait, without being anxious

Don’t hurry about turning him into a man that you want him to be.

As in all stages of relationship (creating belief in one partner’s reliability and truthfulness, getting to know each other better, and going intimate), getting a guy to communicate takes time.

Be patient and wait for the time that he opens up to you.

You simply need to just sit back and let him develop into someone who will easily pour his heart out to you.

2. Timing, timing, timing

Choose the right moment before asking him what’s in his mind.

You can’t make him open up to you when he is in a state of general unhappiness or is feeling overly miserable.

Don’t question him right after he comes home from work and you see in his facial expression that he is very mad.

The best time to initiate conversation about his feelings is in the morning, after he has rested; or when you see that he is in a calm mood.

3. Have a heart to heart talk with him

This is a serious conversation between the two of you, in which you directly ask your man why he doesn’t want to open up. Encourage him to speak up on how he feels or what’s troubling him.

This technique is necessary after you’ve done almost everything and you still find him clamming up on you.

Think of the best approach: he may have had a past experience so bad that makes him guarded and hesitant to make his feelings known to you.

4. Let him know that you can be relied on

Make him give you his trust.

Emotions and deep feeling are very important for every guy, and you can’t expect him to talk to you and tell everything that is in his heart and mind if he doesn’t trust you.

Sure you are his girlfriend, but are you trustworthy?

If you are, you need to do the work to show him that he can trust you with his “secrets”; that what he tells you will not be revealed to others.

5. Be cautious when giving out your opinion

Even if it is only your two cents worth of opinion, you must exercise extreme care in voicing them out.

You’ll never know his feelings might get hurt by what you said.

If this happens, the more he will refuse to talk to you about himself and his problems.

Your views or judgment may be different from one another and what you tell him might make him more guarded.

6. Don’t irritate him by continuously urging him to open up

This is what we call nagging; and this is the most common reason why couples fight.

So you must avoid this, or he might just continue with his silence.

If you nag him, he will tend to think of all the negative things about your relationship.

For example, he might believe that he is not good enough for you, and that he will not be able to make you happy.

This constant nagging will not do anything to solve the issue of your boyfriend’s being uncommunicative.

7. Rejoice with him when he’s happy; cry with him when he’s sad

Share his feelings, whatever they may be.

Be there with him for his every victory, and don’t stay away during his times of deep sorrows.

This will show him that you are always making yourself available for him during the good times and the bad.

He will feel closer to you and eventually make all his feelings and his emotions known to you.

8. Be sympathetically aware of his feelings

Make your guy fully aware that you completely understand the situation and the the issues that he’s dealing with.

He should not feel that he is facing life alone and that he is practically on his own, otherwise he will be more hesitant to open up.

Whatever it is that he is going through, let him know that you understand.

Once he gets it, your partner will be willing to communicate with you more.

9. Be always there for him, and make him know it

Men are known to be stronger than women when it comes to relationships.

They believe that they should be “the real man, the powerful” and able to withstand great pressures in life.

This could be one reason why they like to hide their feelings and avoid opening up.

However, if you show him that you are always there for him to lean on, he will most likely want to communicate with you, and tell you about his feelings.

10. Speak to him a great deal about yourself

Don’t forget that you are in a relationship and relationships are a two way traffic.

To encourage him to tell you about himself and his feelings, make sure that you are doing the same to him.

Demonstrate to him that you can be as vulnerable as you want him to be.


If you’re becoming annoyed at your man because you can’t seem to know how to make him reach out to you, take a look at these 10 suggestions. From these you will know how to get him to open up and share his feelings.