7 Must Know Tips On How to Get Him to Propose Without Looking Desperate

how to get him to propose

If you find your boyfriend responding indirectly when you bring up the subject of marriage, it does not mean that he is trying to avoid a commitment.

He may have a reason/s for doing so.

Here are some tactics that will teach you how to get him to propose.

After knowing your boyfriend very well and being convinced that he will make an ideal life partner, you would naturally want to get married.

You’ve been waiting for him to get down on his one knee, with an engagement ring on his hand and make the desired proposal.

The sad thing is, each time you talk about marriage, your boyfriend seems to have a hearing problem.

Therefore, your relationship comes to a situation in which there is no movement at all. You’re just like that: a man and a woman dating.

Because you don’t want your connection to be in a stand still, you have decided to deal with the issue yourself; but what should you do?

Effective Techniques That Will Make You Learn How to Get Him to Propose

You’ve been dreaming of an ideal marriage for years, but it seems that you will wait forever for it to take place.

And so, you want to deal with the subject of marriage yourself because your boyfriend seems to give it very little attention.

You will require some skillful and efficient ways of taking matters in your own hands.

You can expect that these tips and tricks will make your dream wedding happen.

These will give your partner an idea to further strengthen your connection through marriage.

You want the man to be yours.

You want him to show you the ring.

You want to start this undertaking and get the ball rolling.

Now is the time to act.

Why waste your time waiting for him to initiate the wedding plans?

Check out these tactics and put them into use.

You’ll be surprised that the tips we listed further on here will get him to act.

1. Become an absolutely necessary part of his life.

Make your boyfriend feel that living the rest of his life without you would be impossible.

Do things that will make him both want and need you at the same time.

Be his sounding board to listen to his ideas and give feedback when he asks for it.

Be a complete package to him: a best friend, his fitness partner, his party companion, and someone who will genuinely care for him.

Give him no dramas and never show him any negative emotions.

Give him breathing space every now and then.

Slowly, then he will think of making that step to make your relationship solid.

2. Shake things up a bit.

He may be getting too comfortable in your relationship, and a little shaking up may be necessary.

The trick here is to make him curious to know what you’ve been feeling, thinking, and what you’ve been up to all day.

Keep him guessing.

If you’ve been patiently waiting at home for him to visit you every single day, change this.

Go out and be absent for a while, for a day, or be on vacation with your girl friends for a week.

Make sure that he notices your absences and he doesn’t know about your plans.

It won’t be long when he finally concentrates on your wedding.

3. Imply that you’re moving.

It’s just a hint.

Tell him casually that you would like to move or relocate to a new city or state.

Give job opportunities as a reason.

Make it as credible as you can, so he will believe that your plan is already moving, even if you still don’t have a plan in motion.

If he loves you very much, it is certain that he will stop you from collecting your things together and increasing the distance between you.

And nothing can stop you except a marriage proposal, right?

4. Let him know that you have other choices.

Your boyfriend knows that he should make a decision, but because he doesn’t want to, he’s doing it very slowly.

In this case, why not put some panic in your relationship.

A little bit of fear will not hurt, I believe.

If he’s dragging his feet when he should act about his proposal, let him know that there are other options available for you.

Sparking up a conversation with another man or being attentive to the comments of other guys showing interest in you, while in the presence of your boyfriend, can be annoying.

This will indirectly tell him that you’re fascinating not only to him, but to other guys as well.

So before you suddenly fall in love with one of those men, your boyfriend will immediately find the perfect engagement ring.

5. Stop talking about the wedding for the meantime.

If all else fails, this is another tactic to try.

Of course your man knows that you want to settle down.

You’ve been talking about it every time you’re together.

You have shown him various styles of wedding gowns, engagement rings, wedding flowers, and you have told him about the number of sponsors that you want.

After months and months of wedding talk without any positive response from your boyfriend, it’s time that you cease doing it, and play it cool.

Surely he will notice it, and may decide that you both talk about it.

6. Tell him that getting married is your ultimate dream and what it means to you.

Try to get your man into a one on one and honest conversation.

This is important because some guys regard marriage as something that is just a piece of paper.

They also assume that you will be always available for them, so they take the relationship lightly.

Tell your boyfriend that marriage is your ultimate dream and that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life without him.

You want to feel more secure, more happy having him in your life.

Once your boyfriend understand your reasons, he will immediately want to tie the knot with you.

7. Don’t get him overwhelmed with the cost of the wedding.

Your guy might not be showing his eagerness on your marriage talks because of the anticipated costs that will be incurred for the event.

The amount of money involved starting from the preparations, up to the ceremony, the reception, and the honeymoon, can scare the day light out of him.

If this is the reason why your guy is so hesitant, you can let him know that you are ready to break the costs.

In your ring, for example, tell him that you will be happy to have a cheaper one; same with your wedding dress.

Help him to create a budget for your marriage, and show him that he need not break the bank for the costs.


Integrate these 7 techniques together and put them to good use. Remember, your purpose is to know how to get him to propose. Act now and don’t waste any second. If you’re successful, you’ll be walking down the aisle in no time.