8 Ways How to Keep A Guy Thinking About You and Love You Much More

how to keep a guy thinking about you

You will certainly love how it feels to know how to keep a guy thinking about you.

It is really great when you can actually make him fall for you.

Take these set of steps that will assure you that you are always on his mind when you are apart.

You know that you will have an ideal relationship if your guy keeps you in his mind all the time.

Surely, you are secretly dreaming of experiencing this.

Although some people believe that it is unrealistic, you still want to do your very best to make a guy carry you in his thoughts day and night.

It is very romantic, don’t you think so?

You want the thought of him going crazy over you, feeling like he can’t stand a few minutes to rush home and be by your side.

You know, it is very possible to make the thoughts of you to occupy his mind. Read on to know how you can do this.

Secret Steps On How To Keep a Guy Thinking About You

These techniques are appropriate for every situation in your relationship, like for example, when you want to keep your long standing love affair fresh and spiced up.

These can also apply if you’ve just got into a fight and broken up with your boyfriend.

If you have a long distance love affair and you want to keep things going well between you despite the space, you will not go wrong with these tactics.

Another instance is when you are not yet completely certain that he is truly yours, but you want to be sure that he will eventually love you.

Whatever the case or status of your relationship, making him miss you and think about you is the secret element in your love potion.

These suggestions are foolproof ways that will surely give you positive results.

Want some ideas about how to keep a guy thinking about you?

Listed here are some suggestions that should help.

You may require to do some teasing and flirting to make him feel extremely good with you in his mind.

I can guarantee you that he will eagerly be waiting for the clock to tick the end of his day at work.

1. Be appealing to his senses.

Lock eyes with him. Making eye contact can cause intense feelings.

Look at him from across the room to get his attention.

When you are talking, try to look at his eyes steadily and intently.

This could have a major effect on him.

Also, touching his hands lightly, and wearing a subtle fragrance, can get him attracted to you, and keep thinking about you.

Don’t use too strong perfume, just spray a bit that he can smell from a short distance.

2. Make yourself memorable.

Make it a point that you give a guy a reason or reasons to remember you by, especially if the two of you just met.

When you are introduced to a new guy, don’t brag about yourself.

Give him just a little information and let him discover your value.

Don’t try too hard to be funny when you know you are not.

When conversing with him, avoid topics that are boring, and try to be a good and interesting conversationalist.

Remember your point is to be simple, yet memorable.

3. Be sexually attractive.

Of course! You need to be sexy if you want your man to think about you a lot.

Why, because men are by nature attracted to sexy women.

If you are not sexually attractive to a guy’s eyes, then there is no chance that he would want you in his mind.

To be sexy means that your figure is desirable, you have a fit body, and your clothes flatter your figure.

Go to the gym if you need, watch your diet, and live a healthy lifestyle.

I am sure that he will notice you, and keep thinking of you.

4. Live your own life; be an independent woman.

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that your life can be exciting and fun only when you have a man in your life.

Instead, make your life interesting and show that you are not eagerly impatient for him to come to you.

When a guy sees that you are happy and busy doing your own thing, it is highly possible that he will be thinking about you and make steps to tag along.

If you’re on your own, and you choose to be with him, he will feel pleased and honored, and will keep you on his thoughts.

5. Be a challenge to him.

When a man finds you challenging, he will surely make efforts to become your guy.

He will be thinking about you each time. Don’t become easily available for him by keeping yourself busy.

Show him that you have your own goals and dreams and that you are working hard to have them accomplished.

Being a challenge is way much different from being a problem.

If you are a problem to a guy, he would probably want to get you out of his mind.

However if you are a challenge, he tends to be thinking of you all day (and possibly all night, too).

6. Be different; be a woman like no other.

You must stand out from the crowd.

You will get his attention and keep thinking of you if you are noticeably different from and clearly better than other women.

You should work harder than the plain people by taking risks and chances and doing things differently.

Keep your promises and do what you say you’ll do. Have good manners.

When you say and do things and show qualities that are better and different than what other women do and say, it means that you are a woman like no other.

7. Be deliberately enigmatic.

Be mysterious.

When he becomes interested to find out more about you, he will keep thinking of you.

When you talk less and do not reveal much about yourself, you will surely occupy his mind.

Avoid telling him your life story.

He will lose interest if you talk too much.

Instead, you do the interview and ask him to tell you about himself.

8. Be fun and enjoyable.

Have a sense of humor.

Be fun to be with.

Guys love to be entertained and amused. So try to be an enjoyable company.

If you are dull and tedious, you can’t get him to keep thinking about you.

You simply listen attentively when he speaks to you, laugh with him genuinely when he cracks a joke, giving him the lead to your conversation, look pleasing, and smiling at him sweetly.

You can be fun when you tell him some jokes and make him laugh.


These elements are very important in knowing how to keep a guy thinking about you. These should all work together for a great result, so try your best to practice every technique as specified in here. Remember, these suggestions will make sure that his mind will be on you at all times.