10 Proven Ways On How to Make Him Fall in Love With You That Work

how to make a man fall in love with you

You are beautiful and attractive, and so very popular with boys.

There is a man who has been taking you out on dates, and you have learned to love him.

Now you want to know how to make him fall in love with you.

Being liked and admired is different from being loved.

Many girls are trying to find ways on how they can make their man love them.

It seems to be a difficult task, because not all men are the same, and not all situations are the same.

You’ve got to find out what you should actually do to make a guy fall madly in love with you.

The truth is, you don’t need much effort or skill to learn what a guy wants and what pieces of work you should undertake to get his love in return.

You simply need to understand your man: what does he like, and what things make him happy for him to consider living with you forever.

How to Make Him Fall in Love With You

If you are looking for signals that show how your partner really feels for you but you cannot find any, know that relationships can at times be difficult and awkward.

You may be dating this guy, and you know that he likes you.

However, you want to be sure that he truly loves you.

Sometimes you are led to think that he is just hanging out with you.

You love him very much, and you want this love to be reciprocated.

Maybe he says that he loves you but his words and actions do not show that he means it.

This is something to think about, and to act about.

Maybe he still doesn’t love you at this moment, but surely you can do things that will make him feel his love for you, and show it.

Actually you do not have to look very far to know what to do.

We list down below some characteristic traits of an ideal woman who is easy to be loved.

Check this list out and consider putting it into practice for the man of your dreams to notice.

These are the good qualities and activities that teaches you how to make him fall in love with you.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Stay positive

When you are trying to win the heart of a guy, show him that you are a positive type of a person.

Have you known that a girl looks more attractive and interesting when she is in a positive emotional state.

This tendency to be optimistic in attitude will be felt by your guy and he will get as interested in you as you are in him.

2. Look at him as your hero

Never deprive the guy of his identity, as well as his male role.

He will be drawn to you automatically once he sees that you appreciate his abilities as a protector of the family and as a bread winner.

Show him that you depend on him for the resolution of some issues.

When he’s under extreme pressure, you should recognize the full worth of his being calm and emotionally balanced.

3. Never attempt to change him according to what you want

This is a common misguided action of many women who begin to be in a relationship.

Your man is not something that needs to be fixed.

You should accept him as he is – the way he dresses, his circle of friends, the way he laughs and talks, the things he wants to do, and more.

Learn to respect how he is right now. If he wants your opinion or help in any way, he will surely ask you for it.

4. Be always grateful

A man will fall hopelessly in love with you if you show him the very best in you.

When you finally become man and woman, he will be doing his best to fulfill all his responsibilities to you.

He will risk his own life to protect you and he will do everything to make sure that you have what you need.

Most men are good providers, and what they ask from you in return is a little gratitude.

It’s not difficult to let him know that you appreciate everything that he does for you, and his expectation is really not too much to ask.

5. Be a caring partner to encourage your man’s growth

Well, this is not meant to be sexist, because when 2 people enter a relationship, they both have a silent agreement to love, care for, and strive to make your life together even better.

A relationship is also a partnership, but a woman is more expected to care for her partner while he is performing his duties as a protector and a provider.

An ideal woman to love desires more to give the care than to receive.

6. Strive for closeness and deep connection

You can get your man on the path to love when he feels your closeness and deep connection.

He must be able to believe in your truth, reliability, strength or ability; and he must find it easy to talk to you, even open up to you.

Be with him during his saddest moments, and support him when he is fighting the fiercest battle of your life as a couple.

Let him just talk to you if he feels like it, and let him talk about anything and everything without voicing your opinion or conclusion on what he said.

7. Show your being independent

Even if you are very beautiful, you will not look attractive to a man if you are too dependent and clingy on him.

Instead, he must see you as a strong and independent partner.

Fascinate him and arouse his curiosity by showing that you want to live a great life and that you can do things by yourself, without asking help from others.

You can show your independence even while you are living together.

8. Show the man that you are a great catch

It will intrigue him and start to show his affections for you.

Let the guy see that you have all the qualities of a woman to have a relationship with.

Show him how special you are. Display your talents or skills in front of him.

For example, you can play the piano or violin for him, bake him a cake, or sing him a love song.

9. Avoid complaining all the time

I mean, who doesn’t complain? Nothing is perfect in this world, and everyone has everything to complain about.

However, will a man learn to love you if he becomes too exhausted listening to you grumbling constantly about anything.

You can focus at the right things, instead of looking at what is wrong and annoying. Always look at the bright side of life.

10. Give him great sex, always

Don’t chuckle, don’t guffaw at this suggestion. You can promote that feeling of being in love through great sex.

When you engage in sex, the dopamine level tends to increase.

It is the ingredient in the chemical that furthers the progress of being in love.


Those are my 10 tips on how to make him fall in love with you.

There are more of these tips, but these are the most important.

Check all the boxes, and see if you are qualified to being loved by your dream man.