10 Things On How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You After A Breakup

how to make your ex miss you

Break ups are not easy to get over with. You need time and so much effort before you can move on with your life.

During your “hangover” stage, you won’t be ready to let go, so these tips will give you some thoughts on how to make your ex miss you.

No matter the reason or who initiated the break up, you would still want your ex to miss you.

It does not mean that you desperately want to be with him again.

The feeling is normal and natural for a woman.

Whether you are looking for a come back or getting ready to start a new life without him, it would still feel nice knowing that your ex misses you and the memories that you created together.

For a short period of time, it would be hard to forget someone who you’ve spent precious times with.

This is why we have gathered the best tips and tricks to help your during the various phases of your being single again.

How to make your ex miss you to a great degree?

Deep inside you, you may have that strong feelings for him.

However because you are a woman and maybe because you have too much pride in your self, you wouldn’t want to make the first move so you can be back together again.

It could also be because you are too stubborn to admit that you caused the break up and would not want to change your position on the matter.

If your guy is as stubborn as you are, he is also unlikely to make the first approach.

He might, though, if he is start feeling that he misses you.

At this point, therefore, you should do something that will give you what you want: that he notices your absence in his life.

Remember, you need not say a word to him; you simply follow what we suggest, and he will be missing you for sure.

The suggestions that follow will make you learn how to make your ex miss you and want to come back to you.

Bear in mind you need not speak with him and convey your feelings or insist what you want.

Just follow what’s on this list and things between you should work out alright.

1. Unfriend him, block him, and stop communicating with him for the time being.

If you just recently broke up and there are still things between you that has not been resolved, it would be hard to not desire to be in touch with him.

There will always be that impulse to call or text him, and follow him on social media.

Resist the urge.

If he hears nothing from you for quite a time, he will think that you are doing fine with the break up, and this will make him miss you.

2. Do not post your feelings, sentiments and your circumstances on the social media for all your friends and the world to know.

Statuses, musical videos, photos and quotes and sayings can be your outlet to let go of your sad emotions.

However these may give an impression that you are helpless and in need of special support and asks to be taken back.

Your social media postings should instead show that you are a mature person in spite of all the issues between the two of you.

3. Continue to live a normal life.

Life should go on for you, however hard the break up hit you.

Live normally and don’t spend the rest of your life wishing that the relationship did not end.

Revisit the places that you frequented with him, and do the activities that you used to enjoy doing with him.

Bear in mind that the things in your life today are not all about him.

So take delight in those places and activities, take photos, post them on your social media accounts.

Your mutual friends will see them and tell him, and for sure he will miss you a lot.

4. Make a big change on yourself.

Revamp your wardrobe, get your hair done.

Continue becoming fit by hitting the gym.

Show them your brand new self.

Let him wallow in nostalgia and feel sorry for letting you go.

Today, you are better looking and more brightly glowing.

You will know how he would feel to realize that the extraordinarily pleasing woman in the photos on social media is the very same simple looking woman that he just broke up with.

5. Show the world that you are pleased and contented with your life as a single.

Show him and the whole world how happy you are.

It is but natural to be sad and depressed at first, but you should not stay on this situation for long.

Be matured enough to think that the break up and the sadness should not cause you to confine yourself to your room.

Enjoy your life, party with old and new-found friends.

Document your life for everyone, including your ex who will miss you once he sees how awesome your life has become after the break up.

6. When you meet him at parties and events, treat him as a long lost friend.

Be friendly with him and show him that you are enthusiastic about not having heard from him for a long time.

Make small talks and exchange information on how you two have been doing.

However, if he invites you to become intimate again, remember to refuse him.

Show him that you have forgotten the past and that you are not the least affected by your break up.

He will miss you for this, for certain.

7. Don’t act agitated or confused when you first meet him again.

Meeting him will happen sooner or later.

You have mutual friends and there are events where you will see each other.

If it occurs the first time, act and reciprocate to him normally.

Look him in the eyes, acknowledge his presence through a small grin.

You will be seen by him as a confident ex, who can handle the break up well enough.

8. Pay attention to his communications after some time.

Once you have gotten over the hurt of breaking up, and when your ex begins to communicate with you, perhaps you can consider replying to his messages, but on a casual level.

If he calls, you can speak to him like a friend.

You may be sexually intimate before, but today you are not committed to each other in any way.

The renewed communication may make him miss you.

9. Always make yourself look stunning.

You’ll never know when you will bump into him again.

So be perfectly dressed to the most fashionable attires when going to an event.

Make a hint of seducing (if you want him back).

If he sees you looking so pretty, he will miss you like crazy and might think of wooing you again.

10. When, finally, he speaks about getting back to each other again, it’s your time to think.

If you love him truly, then don’t play anymore games.

Saying “let me think about it” and prove yourself to me first” are so yesterday.

Surely you have thought about it all the time, and you can see that he intends to be back to you.

Tell him outright that he is welcome to your life again, so you can continue where you left off.


Follow these 10 tips on how to make your ex miss you. After weeks or months of agonizing over your break up, of course you would want to be happy again. These are foolproof techniques that will make your ex regret letting you go the first time.