10 Powerful Ways On How to Make Your Marriage Last

how to make your marriage last

When we enter into a relationship and eventually get married, we are hoping that we will be living with our loved one forever.

Sadly, however, that does not always happen, so here are some secrets to strong marriages.

Read on and know how to make your marriage last a lifetime.

Many women make a mistake believing that falling in love and tying the knots are all that they needed to be contented and excited in life.

Then soon enough, you begin to experience the real world.

There are arguments and differences of opinions; there are fights, blames, guiltiness, and there are moments of silence.

That is in contrast to the fact that when you started the relationship, you are always doing your best to continue with the love that you have started.

So now you are asking yourself: “What happened?”

“Where did I go wrong?”

“What should I have done to preserve the relationship?”

“Is there a special formula to make my marriage last?”

How to Make Your Marriage Last

I daresay that you can live happily for the rest of your life with the person that you married.

You can be pretty sure that your marriage will not end in a separation, legally or otherwise.

There are things that you can do to prevent your marriage from being dissolved by a divorce court; but you have to first remember that a happy and healthy marriage will not come on their own.

You need to nurture it, tend to it, work for it, and spend your precious times for it.

You should learn how to appreciate each other, respect each other, value each other and listen to each other.

Marriage is not a one-way street, so whatever is to be done, you do it with each other.

You might find that working out your marriage can be a complicated process, however, with these tips you will gain knowledge on how to do it.

Taking steps about how to make your marriage last is not a surprisingly easy task.

It requires the involvement of both partners at all times to preserve the relationship.

Nevertheless, if you do your share to the purpose diligently you are assured of a happy marriage that can last.

Here are some practical ways to do it, and expect success.

1. Make sure you express your ideas, thoughts and feelings to your spouse.

This is called communication, and this is a very simple method in having a smooth relationship.

It’s just sad that not every married couple is following it.

Perhaps some are afraid that their conversation will lead to a fight, which is bad; but what is worse is when you lack communication and stop speaking to each other.

Let your spouse know what is on your mind, always, however minute the matter is..

2. Be closely acquainted with your spouse

This means intimacy, and this gives out a message that you find your partner completely interesting.

Keep the fire of romance burning like when you just like when you started living together.

Establish some lovely moments from time to time so that the fire doesn’t burn down completely.

3. Complement each other to make a perfect pair

This makes you function better because you do everything together and as one.

When you compliment your spouse and he does it to you also, you are working magic to your relationship.

Take care that you don’t give too little attention to, or underestimate the value of your partner.

Always see to it that you appreciate each other, and that you make him or her feel special.

4. Marriage and family should be your priority

Your family life should come before anything else.

Even if you have the busiest schedule at work, find time to be with your family.

Making room for your spouse and kids will make them closer to you.

Go out and relax with them during weekends, watch movies, dine out, go to a sports events together.

5. You can fight, but fight fair

When conflict arises, you may fight, but your purpose should mainly be to resolve the issues between you two.

Make sure that your discussion is within boundaries to preserve your marriage and make it last forever.

Prevent yourself from bringing up past issues that should have already been forgotten, so the fight is not fueled to the wrong direction.

6. Strengthen your bond by taking out some couple time

A dinner date once in a while can help seal the bond of your relationship, but it should not be the only thing that you should depend on to make your marriage last.

Take time to spend quality time together whenever you can.

Always make time for one another, and whenever you’ve got that time, make it more intimate.

7. Be responsible and credible with the family’s finances

Money is one of the common reasons why couples fight and also why marriages end in break ups.

Managing the family finances all by yourself is not okay.

It’s the responsibility of both partners. Be honest to each other on all items that are financially related.

There are necessary expenditures, bills to be paid, and extra income by one partner that should not be kept hidden.

You should be together in handling all of these.

8. Respect your marriage; avoid having an affair

Extra marital affairs is what I am talking about here; and both the husband and the wife can be involved in this.

When you are already married, why do you need to find another person and have an affair with him/her?

Do you think it is the best solution to your marital problems?

Well, we tend to disagree.

Just think about how your spouse, children, your parents and even your friends will feel when they find out what you’re doing.

9. Respect your respective in-laws and have a good relationship with them

Many marriages do not last long because one or both partners disrespect each others family.

People seem to forget that when they got married, they have become a part of the family of their spouse.

Avoid creating issues with them; instead learn to bond well and love them like your own family.

Constantly complaining to your husband about his family will not make your marriage last, so try to remember that.

10. Give each other space and some “me time”

To have a perfect married life, avoid smothering your partner.

In a relationship, sometimes, to give your spouse space seems more important than giving him a good sex life.

So try not to be too over-controlling, and over-productive, needy and clingy.

Don’t push too hard or he will ask you to allow her to deal with a situation herself; otherwise, he will just disappear in your life, and where does your marriage go?


Make sure you take these steps on how to make your marriage last.

Your relationship needs to be cared for in order for it to grow and develop, and not come to its end.

Bear in mind that you don’t need magic, but only some working techniques, to live happily ever after.