How to Stop Nagging Your Man, Have A Life and Improve Your Relationship

how to stop nagging your man

Nagging is not good. An ideal wife should know that nagging will not bring her family some benefits. It can ruin your relationship and if you’re married, it can lead to divorce. Here are the top 10 tips that will teach you how to stop nagging your man and become a particularly lovable and pleasing sweetheart.

If you have an issue with impatience, you always want things done how you want it done, and when it should be done.

You don’t like to wait for your partner to finish what you asked him to do. You can’t even agree with him if he suggests a different way of doing it.

You make your requests repeatedly, but the person you’re nagging at also repeatedly ignores you, until you both become irritated to an increasing extent.

Your nagging can cause your husband or boyfriend to question the relationship, and instead of being happy in each others company, you become wary of seeing each other.

This is a situation that you wouldn’t like, so we are trying to help you put an end to your nagging.

How to Stop Nagging Your Man

Why is it important to know how to stop nagging your man?

It’s not a fun thing to nag, and to be nagged as well. You nag more, and he does less. So you nag more and more, and he tends to react with a resistance.

So you continue nagging telling him to do this and do that; to do it this way or that way; and do it fast.

You don’t even notice that he begins to get annoyed and feeling a bit angry at you for constantly badgering him.

If you’re a nagging partner, stop for a while. Think about your spouse’s peace of mind, and yours as well. Will the two of you be happy in the situation that you are in?

How to stop nagging your man is an easy question to answer. Read the suggestions below and try to practice it at home. Some of these may not apply to your situation, but remember just the same.

These tips will certainly help you big and make you learn how to have patience.

1. Do your best to keep your mouth shut.

When you request your partner to do something, and tell him how to do it and when to finish, and it turns out that he did not act in accordance with your wishes, refrain from talking.

Bite your tongue so you cannot say anything; because if you do talk, it will surely hurt your partner’s feelings.

“You’re not listening”, or “that’s not the way I want it done”, or “why can’t you understand?” It would be hard, but it can stop you from nagging and save you from saying or doing regretful things.

2. Instead of nagging, abandon the situation.

Date a friend. Step out of the house, or go to another room, go to the kitchen. But do it casually and respectfully, not with angry, heavy steps; not showing a tantrum.

You want the curtain in the bedroom fixed, and you can’t wait for your partner to do it? Just leave the room, saying “Oh, I forgot to get something from the kid’s playroom”, and out you go.

Your husband will understand it, and will surely fix the curtain. No nagging will happen.

3. Pause from work and take a break.

Maybe you just need to sleep or rest. Feeling weary may on occasion turn you into a nagger. So to avoid some serious altercation, sleep on the issue.

When you wake up in the morning, you will be feeling fresh and in your sound mind. You will then be able to deal with household issues without resorting to nagging.

Usually at night you will feel very tired, after all the household chores and errands that you did, and that is certainly not the right time to insist on what you want.

4. Make yourself busy.

Instead of being too inquisitive about the work that you want done to the annoyance of your husband, do something else. Do a general cleaning of the house.

Cook a special meal even if it’s an ordinary day. Get something that you need from the store. If you have a pet, play with your pet.

If the hubby takes a long time doing the assignment, keep yourself busy with another activity. This will stop you from nagging. Maybe you will finish your respective works in just about the same time.

5. Entertain yourself by looking at beautiful things.

If you are feeling too angry for not having things done your way, it may not be possible to be positive. The best thing is to look at beautiful things or whatever that will make you feel relaxed and unruffled.

Flowers in bloom. A photo of your baby. Your wedding video. Look for other things that will make you smile. Your high school friends, and the memories that you created.

There are a lot of things that will keep you entertained and take you away from nagging.

6. Never attempt to take your husband’s responsibility when he doesn’t ask you to.

Husbands and wives have their respective responsibilities at home, right? You do what you should do and he does the same.

If you’re too impatient to see him done with his work, don’t do it yourself, or he will feel like you’re disrespecting him, or that you are mothering him.

If your mother is a nagger, then you know exactly what the feeling is: exasperating.

7. Show your partner that you understand and share his feelings.

You simply have to see things from his point of view. Try understanding his particular attitude or way of doing, or considering a matter.

You may need to have a heart to heart talk with your partner to find out. You can calmly ask him what’s taking him too long, and what he intends to do to get things done.

If you’re not convinced with his explanations, perhaps you can suggest other ways that you think will facilitate the work, without resorting to nagging.

8. Practice affirmations.

Everyday, as you wake up, make statements to yourself, that “I am patient”, or “I am able to accept delays”.

These attestations will give you emotional support and encourage you to stop nagging. Declare your statements to be true and that you will practice it.

9. Your point of view.

What do you care for more: having a contentedly happy husband, or having your way?

Know that frustrations and other bad feelings will pass, but a loving partner will be a loving partner forever if you do it right.

Will you be happy to nag him all the time while he is starting to be very very sad and regretful of the life that he started with you?

Think very carefully about it and you decide.

10. Pray.

This is the ultimate thing to do if you see that you cannot stop nagging despite of all the suggestions mentioned above.

Pray to God that He help you in your desire to stop nagging because you want to be an ideal wife.


Realize that nagging will not do you and your partner any good. These suggestions on how to stop nagging your man will help you and your partner lead a happy life. Saying sorry each time is not enough, you should show him that you want to start your life together all over again.