8 Techniques On How To Talk to a Guy and Make Him Like You

how to talk to a guy and make him like you

There are some useful techniques to learn if you want to know how to talk to a guy and make him like you.

These tips and tricks include the topic of your conversation, your attitude while speaking to him, a bit of flirting, asking for help, and several others.

Genuine smiles and looking directly into the guy’s eyes are gestures for a guy to approach you and talk to you.

Looking confident not only makes you attractive, but also interesting to the eyes of the opposite sex.

Remember, the art of communication requires things that are beyond words.

Your body language can send the guy a message, even without words.

If your man understands what you want to express, he will talk to you and may begin to like you.

How to Talk to a Guy and Make Him Like You

This all about knowing how to speak, act, and react when you are with him.

If you are meeting for the first time, and the situation is a bit awkward, you should be able to get the conversation going.

Meeting a guy for the first time is different from meeting an old friend at a party or an event.

There will naturally be some tension to relieve when you have to speak to someone who was just introduced to you.

If you like the guy and you want him to talk to him and make him like you, too, don’t sweat it.

You can do as you want and get results if you will just follow the 8 techniques that are outlined here,

1. Choose your topic of conversation well

This should be something that will stimulate his interest or curiosity.

Talking about current events may be an overused technique, but it is the easiest to achieve without much effort.

Think about positive events, which means that the subject of accidents and crimes are not great things to discuss with him.

Art exhibits and concerts are positive topics to start with, and especially if you know that he loves visiting art museums and enjoys going to concerts.

Who knows he might begin to like you and want to take you to one of those places next time.

2. Ask him open-ended questions that will encourage him to talk about himself

This type of question makes the guy give you full, meaningful answers from his own knowledge and feelings.

If you ask him about his opinion on something, this will get him going.

Avoid giving him closed-ended questions, such as, “are you an only child?” because you will only get a single word answer; it will either be a YES or a NO.

Examples of open-ended questions are, “How do you like this establishment is managed?” and “What is your opinion on the decision of The President?”.

Questions such as these will make him talk to you, and eventually like you.

3. Smile at him; laugh with him during your conversation

Give him your smile. Comment something witty about anything around you.

Tell him jokes and learn to laugh with him. Just make sure that your jokes will really make the two of you laugh.

When you laugh at your own jokes (not boisterously), he will also laugh with you.

Remember, laughter is infectious.

You can research for the best amusing jests and funny punchlines, write them if you like, and remember to tell them to the guy when you meet.

Most guys like a woman who is lively, always smiling, and happy.

4. Be honest when telling him about yourself or when speaking about any topic

Be careful when giving your comments about something.

If it is not the truth, refrain from saying it, even if you know that it is what he wants to hear.

Sooner or later, he will find out, and where will that take you?

Always bear in mind that honesty is the best policy, and also the best strategy if you want your man to like you.

Never comment on anything when you have not tested it, or when you have not even seen it yet, just because he said that he likes it.

When he discovers that you are not telling the truth, let’s face it, it’s the end of your dreams of making him like you.

5. Use a bit of flirting

Yes, this might do the trick, but be careful not to make yourself appear as a girl who needs attention.

At first meeting with a guy, you might get lost for words and you don’t know what to say.

In which case, you can let him do the talking; and while he is doing this, look at him straight in the eyes, give him a sweet smile, and look away.

This act may arouse his curiosity, and you get his full attention.

Now your mind doesn’t have to dwell on the difficulty of thinking about something to talk about.

Maybe at first sight of you, he is nervous, which is as natural as you, too, get nervous at the sight of him.

Simple flirting can make him like you, you know.

6. Ask him for help or borrow something from him

This will make him feel that he is doing you a favor, or helping you.

Borrowing something, such as his pen, can be a good way of having a conversation with the guy.

Act like you’re going to write something on your pad, but you forgot to bring a ball pen.

So you can ask him if he has a pen and if he can lend it to you.

At this step your conversation should go on.

Possibly he will ask you about your job and what you do, and you do the same.

For his every question, you should be able to give him honest and ready answers.

If you are lucky, he might even like you at the start of your conversation.

7. Find things of common interest and talk about it

Music, for example.

You may both love music.

If you’re together in a restaurant where there’s music playing, you could ask him what’s the title and the singer’s name.

He will tell you the title if he knows the song, and feel proud that he was able to answer your question.

If he doesn’t know the song, you two could try to look it up.

Doing things together however simple will bring you closer to each other.

We never can tell how soon he develops a feeling for you because of your constant togetherness.

Don’t stop hoping that things will soon happen the way you wish them to – to make him like you.

8. Tips still not working? Ask him “what time is it?”

When it seems that no tip will work for you, try this one trick.

Ask him for time.

“Excuse me. What time is it?”

And as you know, he will extend his arms and show you his watch, very proudly, like all other guys.

This simple question can lead you to speaking to one another about various topics.

During your time together, you should simply show that you are very cooperating and playing along, and once he becomes interested in you, he might ask you for a date.


Begin doing the above tips.

It does not matter whether you have a guy that you’ve been seeing already, or you’ve just met a new guy.

What you want is talk to them and make them like you.

With these tips you will never go wrong.

Have the courage and determination to carry these tips out and get things started.

They will see you as a very likable and desirable human being, and certainly ask you to dinner or a concert.