What Attracts A Man To A Woman The Most: 10 Traits Men Love

what attracts a man to a woman the most

Many ladies have been curious to know what attracts a man to a woman the most.

They have this ardent desire to have a knowledge about what could cause these men to have a liking for or interest in their opposite sex.

If we pose this question to a common guy, you will get a common answer: that he wants a lady with a desirable body, a pretty smiling face, large ample bosom and a cute behind.

That’s all that we will hear.

However, those are the wishes of a stereotype guy.

When it comes to dating, a good number of men can become excessively fastidious and choose only who they like and who they are attracted to.

To put it simply, for these guys, physical appearance is not enough to become captivated to a woman.

They are not after pretty faces only.

They also want to have a relationship with someone, who have good qualities as a person.

What Attracts a Man to a Woman The Most

Lasting and durable personal characteristics can have a great impact in a man’s perception of attractiveness.

It may not be unusual, but men tend to be interested in women with cheerful, pleasant and positive personalities.

This is not to say that you keep smiling all the time.

This means that a girl who wants to be attractive to men, should focus on being friendly, sociable and have other qualities.

Men are attracted to women, who possess these qualities, as these add to factors that help them in choosing their long term partner.

As is always said, beauty is more than just skin deep.

Being beautiful and attractive requires not just good looks.

People are born beautiful and the physical qualities like healthy hair, angelic face, shapely body, etc are all inherited.

It is really the positive qualities of a woman that will cause a man to get attracted to her.

What attracts a man to a woman the most, therefore, is a list of separate good qualities that are put together to serve as a guide by any girl looking to date a perfect partner.

We have listed 10 of the most positive characteristics below.

Look at the list and find out for yourself, if you have those qualities.

1. Strong Character

This is one great quality that a guy looks for in a woman.

If you have character, he gets attracted to you, because you will look beautiful in his eyes.

This quality is more enduring than physical attractiveness and will certainly make you compatible with your partner.

If you tend to behave in a distasteful way, such as showing lack of interest or concern on anything, or just being plain dull, attracting the best man in town can be a struggle on your part.

2. Smartness

When you’re with a man and keep talking about the latest gossip and nothing else, he will find you very boring.

Men like smart, intelligent women, who can engage in conversations that are encouraging or arousing interest in a man.

He feels excited during your exchange of ideas and will admire you for your intelligence.

Also, if you are on the same intellectual level with your man, he will truly love you, because many men appreciate women whose intellectual level is on the same line with them.

3. Self Confidence

Oh, yes!

Confidence in women is also a positive quality that men look for.

If you have self confidence, it means that you know what you want and you know how to achieve it.

Your man will like you more, because confident women are very exciting to be with.

Most guys tend to avoid women, who need to be guided in life forever.

They want someone they can interact with and walk through life with, sometimes leading, sometimes being led.

4. Sense of Humor

Men are naturally happy people.

They love to hear and tell jokes.

They love to laugh at even the corniest jest, to cause amusement and even laugh at themselves.

They love to tell stories with funny punchlines and they are attracted to women, who can also show their sense of humor.

If you are a serious person, who cannot laugh with him and at his jokes, it wouldn’t be possible for him to get to love you.

5. Opinionated

Are you a yes-woman to your man?

If so, it means that you cannot think for yourself and you cannot say what’s really on your mind.

Of course, a guy would like it, when you agree to everything he says, but he will feel better, if you can speak honestly what you think.

And once you’ve said your opinion, prepare to defend it.

Don’t back down.

You might even get a serious fight about something, but don’t worry that he will get upset, because he won’t.

Instead he will consider it attractive on your part.

If you win the “debate”, feel certain that he will congratulate you.

If you lost it, then you’ll have to accept your defeat.

6. Self-respect

Now this is also very important.

You should show respect for yourself and guys will be attracted to you.

Choose to be with the right kind of people, those that will not lead you to harm.

Avoid getting into an argument using angry and insulting words, especially on social media.

Show your man that you are a real lady, whether you’re indoor or outdoor.

Be respectful also to others, even if they themselves do not show respect.

If you have self-respect, your man will be attracted to you and love you more.

7. Affectionate

Men need this quality in women of being affectionate.

They may engage in rough or noisy fights with other guys, but deep down inside they want to be on the receiving end of your affection.

However, if you act as if you’re a citizen of the frigid zone, you will become a great turn off for them.

If you want to be loved, then hold your man, kiss him, hug him and treat him gently.

8. Kindness

If you show kindness, guys will easily fall in love with you.

And this is not only kindness to him, but to everybody you meet, including those that you meet for the first time.

9. Ambition

Men are attracted to women who have dreams and goals in life and are resolved to pursue them.

If you are determined to do what is necessary for you to achieve whatever you have set for yourself, then your man will be proud to have a relationship with you.

10. Independence

This means that you are not needy for a man’s support 24/7.

You have your job, your own place.

You can have your basic needs and you can stand on your own two feet.

You are not dependent on a man in every aspect of your life and many guys love the kind of girl that you are.


The above qualities are what attracts a man to a woman the most and keep him. Remember that while physical appearance can help you become attractive, it takes more than that for a man to consider having a long lasting relationship with you.