7 Things to Help Women Understand What Men Want In A Relationship

what men want in a relationship

So you are trying to find an answer to the question “What men want in a relationship” that will make him decide to build a strong bond with you?

We have here the 7 things that will make him feel loved, but, for some reasons, may not be able to let you know.

Men, in general, talk about a large number of things, but some of them who are in a relationship are hesitant to let a woman know about his feelings.

These men might be too shy, or it is just in their nature to be very careful about their emotional state.

They’d rather be in their own thoughts than make their feelings known, especially to the woman they care about.

Does it mean they don’t trust women?

No, not at all.

There are many reasons, of course, but it all depends on the phase of life that they’re in.

Their past experiences may be mentioned, also, and some other factors that may contribute to their reluctance.

What Men Want In a Relationship That Will Surely Make Him Feel Loved?

Men and women both have needs in a relationship, but men are usually more unwilling and disinclined to discuss about their needs.

They are less ready to talk or tell people what or how they feel.

They are often found to be not so vocal and tend to just keep quiet instead of letting people know what’s in their mind.

Because of this, the men suffer more than women, especially because their partners cannot meet their emotional needs.

We are going to share with you some facts about men and the effective guides that will make you understand what they really are looking for in a relationship.

This information will hopefully make it easy for you to know what he thinks, or how he feels, and the reason why he conducts himself in a specified way.

Read through the items below, and your relationship will never be in the same way again.

Men, unlike women, are not always ready and willing to admit to how they feel, so it is their partners who should discover what their men want.

Once you realize what men want in a relationship and you put these tips into practice, you can say goodbye to misunderstandings, seemingly endless quarrels, sex-less nights, and verbal silence.

Here are the facts.

1. Feeling of security.

A man who is in a relationship want to be certain that the person he cares about will not leave him.

As his partner, you should make him aware of that.

He should feel that he is loved and everything else about him, such as his career, his family, etc.

If he does not feel secure in your bond, he will not want to open up with you, and he will not be able to commit himself to a relationship long term.

Also, some little acts such as touching his hands or his arms while you are talking may be enough for him to feel that you care.

2. Physical affection/physical touch.

Physical touch, even if it is done non-sexually, is an expression of love.

It is a form of communication between two people, and a way for a guy to receive emotional love.

A man needs to be touched frequently.

Even if he is busy doing something, if you touch him, it makes him feel loved.

Most of the time, you do not have to utter a word, because physical touch speaks, and it speaks loudly.

A simple touch can mean so much to a guy, as if he is hearing the words “I love you deeply and I want to be with you for the rest of my life”.

3. Breathing space.

A man needs some breathing space in his relationship.

He should not be made to feel trapped that he finds it hard to breathe.

He needs free time for his hobbies, time to work to achieve whatever he aims for, time for his friends, and some alone time just for himself.

If he is not allowed his breathing room, or is shown a very jealous behavior, he will feel suffocated and may break from the relationship.

Men naturally want some time apart from their partners; unlike women who always insist that partners should always spend time together.

He will feel much happier when you let him move around even aimlessly; so let him breathe.

Leave him to his own plans and his particular aims.

Trust him and his good qualities, allow him some space.

4. Deep connections/emotional intimacy.

A man or a woman always have intense longing for a deep connection with a loved one, yet some partners are unable to maintain emotional intimacy for long.

You should understand that guys have weakness, too.

They need to make complaints and to express their fears.

They have their own doubts and worries, and you, as his partner, should act as his safety net that will catch him when he falls.

He might be feeling lost and confide in you, and even cry in front of you.

When he does, prevent yourself from being repulsive, instead you should be able to deal with it.

Otherwise, you’ll just push him away from you.

5. Sexual connection.

Sex is a pure expression of intimacy, perhaps the purest.

This is the place where your male partner feels that he is really seen and loved.

While women can make better connections through verbal exchange of ideas and opinions, men can make better expressions through sex.

Make sure that when your partner starts to make love to you, show him that you are sexually available.

Return his gestures with kisses, embraces; and try your best to engage him.

These are all that are necessary to make your man feel important in your life.

6. Respect.

Respect makes for a healthy relationship.

It is a sign of love.

You have to give him your respect; know that he deserves it.

If you don’t respect your man you are cruelly showing that you disapprove him and his qualities as a person and whatever is his mission in life.

Because of this, you can crush him, and you can’t say that he will love and trust you, and will consider to be in a long term relationship with you.

So treat him like he’s worth everything.

7. Appreciation and praise.

Why do you think some women are making very little praises to their men?

Are they worried that if they praise these guys, that they will turn out to be conceited or arrogant?

On the contrary, it will make them feel more appreciated.

You need to reassure your man frequently.

Tell him that he is attractive, that you like how he handles himself, how he treats you.

Tell him that you are proud of him when he gets promoted, or when he is able to finish a project.


So, ladies, give it to them – give what men want in a relationship. Generally, he won’t tell you directly what things will make him happy or how he makes you feel. It’s up to you to become aware or conscious about it. Once you realize what he wants, you become better able to strengthen the bond between the two of you.