10 Reasons You Need To Know Why Men Cheat On Their Women

why do men cheat

Something that is very difficult to understand is the fact that many men have the nerve to cheat their partners, even though the girls are extremely good and marvelous in treating them.

It is really sad to know that there are husbands or boyfriends, who can’t stay faithful to their spouses, despite the excellent manner in which these wives and girlfriends deal with them.

They will cheat whether the woman is lazy or hardworking, alluringly beautiful or plain looking, immoral or with reputable character and so on. Even a gorgeous partner gets cheated.

Many guys commit their unfaithful act and you will not see them filled with deep regret or guilt for doing so.

Some of them are not even ashamed or afraid in case their infidelity becomes known to the family and eventually to the community.

Why Men Cheat On Their Women

What do these guys look for that they can’t seem to find in their current partners and they need to look at other women?




Is the wife manipulative?

Is she boring to live with?

Is cheating his way of getting back to her for something that he does not like and she refuses to change?

Let’s say the women are gorgeous and they do everything to keep their men and make them happy and contented.

Other good men would be satisfied to have them in their lives.

So, let’s not prolong the agony. Here are the reasons, why many man become unfaithful, according to them.

1. He’s a fool and he’s an idiot

If a plain looking man (and he is not the type of guy that any woman would choose to be with in her life) finds a wonderful partner, who showers him with love, kindness and affection, he may consider himself very lucky.

After all, she chose him over other super attractive and handsome guys.

Now, when he still choose to cheat and become unfaithful, what would you call this man?

Isn’t he an idiot to waste that luck in a foolish way?

He fails to realize that she is a good catch and shows that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

In other words, he is stupid.

2. He wants to have a safety net before leaving a relationship

It’s perfectly okay to want out of a relationship that is not ideal for both of you.

However, finding a replacement first, before doing so is outright foolish.

It means that he doesn’t have the stomach to say to his spouse that he is leaving, until he finds an illicit partner, who will be too willing to sleep with him.

Why can’t this man come clean and honestly tell the truth, so they can both move on?

3. He says that he cheats only because he knows that he will not get caught

This guy believes that the odds are always in his favor, because things just fall into place to allow him to cheat.

For example, he is assigned to work abroad for a week.

During a night out, he meets a girl who he decides to sleep with.

After that, they part ways, as if nothing happened.

The wife at his home country will never know.

This is tempting for other men, don’t you think? When they are far away from home, they can just go ahead and do something and the guilty feeling is so small and not important to keep worrying about.

4. He always wants to please

Some boy friends are so polite and sweet and nice even to other girls.

Then he is introduced to a woman who is very determined to be a part of his life, even if he already has a spouse.

Not wanting to offend her or hurt her feelings, he agrees to entertain her, and this can lead to his having an affair with her.

Does this mean that every girl who shows interest in him will get his “polite attention”? He has a problem!

5. He is looking for new experiences

The guy is beginning to get bored with having sex with his spouse and he wants the excitement back.

However, instead of spicing things up, using some innovative techniques in the bedroom with his girl, he tries to feel better by finding another girl, who will do a thing or two with him.

He hires a girl who will do sex with him for money. While the act does not involve any emotional feelings, it is still an act of unfaithfulness on his part.

6. He can get what he likes from the other woman, not from his spouse

This is one of the common reasons guys give, when asked why they resort to cheating.

Their girl friends cannot give them enough time or the shared interest in certain activities, such as sports or even some techniques in bed that they want.

These men keep on complaining that their spouses are like this and that, while their number twos give them almost everything.

The truth is, these guys just love the advantage of having something extra.

7. He’s not the only one doing it

All the men in his group are cheating and he doesn’t want to feel left out.

Another thing is, he is being pressured, to prove himself to his friends.

In this case, the saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” applies.

8. He feels neglected by his partner

One issue about being in a relationship with an accomplished woman is that her schedule is full of activities.

These activities, seminars, meetings, gyms, beauty parlors, extra classes, etc. make the girl lacking for time that the man believes should be spent on being with him.

So here is the guy, wallowing in what he thinks is an unpleasant situation.

Eventually he goes out and meets another woman, who luckily gives him the attention that he is craving for.

9. He thinks that his partner is into cheating, also

This is the thinking of an unsecured man.

He thinks and convinces himself that his woman is cheating on him.

In return, he cheats on her, too. This is very sad; the result of his paranoia and anyone who is told this reasoning, has a reason to believe that he is mentally unstable.

10. He is challenged by her

When a woman is very successful, masterly and seems to be over-accomplished, a man feels threatened.

He has a weak personality and can’t accept the fact that his girl who is so awesome falls for him.

It is not the girl’s fault, if she’s efficient, talented or highly skilled.

The man just fails to handle his situation, believing that he doesn’t deserve to be with an awesome partner and it leads to cheating.


Why do men cheat even though many women who enter into a relationship are always doing their best to make their men happy and proud of them? These guys should, in return, love and take good care of them. The ladies do not deserve the heartaches and all the emotional hurts that result from a man’s infidelity. They try to always be good and pleasing to the eyes; they want to be adored and cherished, not to be cheated on.