Why Do Men Lose Interest and What You Can Do to Get Him Back

why do men lose interest

Why do men lose interest in a relationship? It is so difficult to understand.

You’re wretchedly unhappy because your connection was so great in the beginning.

You would like to know where it had gone wrong. Here are some possible reasons for his backing out from your relationship.

This situation will certainly confuse you, and even if you don’t want to get upset by his losing interest, it is very difficult to just let it go and forget about it.

When at first he loves to hang out with you in spite of a pile of work, now he’s got a ton of reasons: he’s feeling sick, or the boss wants him to work overtime, or his mother wants him to come home early.

There are too many tiny excuses you just can’t believe you’re hearing it from him.

So what are the real reasons that he loses interest and stopping himself from pursuing the relationship?

Why Do Men Lose Interest

Some possible scenarios on why do men lose interest.

Even if a relationship started out great, in due course you will know that it is not as great as you expected it to be.

When he starts to back out you tend to suffer from overwhelming distress; and you will struggle with the pain and discomfort with the thought of a possible break up.

You really want to know his reasons, because you don’t have any idea why is he ignoring you and starting to exclude you from his life.

One minute you are happily dining out, going to a movie or theater, being together socially, or in some relaxing activities. The next, you feel that he is not into you anymore.

He has stopped texting you back; and he does not show interest to hang out with you.

Check out these possibilities and once you find just one reason that applies to you, accept it and move on.

He left you alone, frustrated, surprised and dismayed.

And you keep asking yourself why do men lose interest which has put your relationship to an end?

Maybe you said or did something wrong.

Was it your fault or his?

Maybe you could have prevented his leaving you; or maybe he finds that being with you is a bad idea from the start.

1. He realizes that you are not compatible.

Perhaps it is because there’s a big gap on your ages, and you see differently on so many things.

Maybe he’s much older than you, matured enough to decide on important things, and you act like a baby which you actually are if you are just 16 and he is 30 years old.

Maybe you have different values and he believes that you cannot live together without conflict.

Maybe because you are too young, and he does not want to babysit you.

2. His feelings got hurt by something that you said or did.

When problems occur unexpectedly or otherwise, it is common that nobody would want to admit that he or she is at fault.

It would have been easier to resolve if both parties will take responsibilities for their own actions.

In fairness to guys, there are girls who tend to be ill-behaved while her boyfriend is calmly discussing the problem to find a solution.

Some girls are spoiled and self-centered, and tend to ignore the guys when needing their attention.

If you are one of these girls, you have caused him emotional pain.

3. He got bored just like that.

Women also get bored in a relationship, however, usually it’s the men who usually get weary.

When in this situation, the boyfriend simply disposes of the girl like garbage or an unwanted material, and in a hurried way!

However good the girl may be she gets ditched by this boy who doesn’t know how to give her the right treatment.

Look, girls, this mistake is not on you, but the guys’; and we can only hope that one day they will wake up and realize that they did you wrong.

4. His family or friends are against you.

You’ll find yourself in a difficult situation if your boyfriend’s family or close friends do not like you.

There may be some guys who will fight hard just to stay with you even if they lose some friends, or even if the family disowns him.

But if your guy is not like those men, what?

You can’t expect to see him much anymore, because he will be keeping himself apart from you, and you will have trouble contacting him.

5. He doesn’t want to rush into a relationship, but you are coming too strong on him.

Some guys are so relaxed when they enter a relationship.

For example, you meet this guy, and he takes you out on a date, and you become friends.

He likes to hang out with you, spend time talking to you, but he tends to deal with everything about your relationship as they occur.

When you talk to him about taking your connection a step further, there he goes losing his emotional control from fear of the subject.

6. He doesn’t want to commit.

He doesn’t want to commit because he is scared of getting engaged or having an obligation that may restrict his freedom of action.

May men today are like that, so they simply meet someone, form a relationship, and have sex.

The connection may last long, but most women are not in favor of this set up, even if it is a popular thing that the young boys and girls are doing right now.

They don’t consider the dating thing very seriously; usually backing off when the relationship comes to a more serious phase.

7. He really hasn’t gotten over with his ex.

Maybe this guy just broke up with his ex when you met; and he tells you that he is ready to forget the past and move on.

Because you want to be a good girlfriend to him, you do your best to take care of him and make him happy.

Over time, you find out that he and his ex are text mates again, and they communicate with each other through their social media accounts, again.

When he admits to you that he still loves his ex, you will feel like you’ve been slapped on the face. After all that you’ve done, this is what you will get.

8. He can’t accept your imperfections.

But who is perfect, anyway?

This is a very unconvincing explanation, if he ever tells it to you.

Consider these men childish and immature.

You’re better stay away from a man like that.

He does not understand that every person has their own flaws, which do not make them bad.

So go on with your life and a guy who will accept you, flaws or not, will come your way.


Really, there are lots of reasons on why do men lose interest. Some of these maybe on you, while the others are on them. However, the point is that, when your boyfriend just leaves you off like that and without any explanation, it means that he is not good for you.