Why Do Men Pull Away When They Are Beginning to Fall In Love

why do men pull away

When the guy you’re dating suddenly distances himself without any word, there should be a reason.

From the number of causes that are stated here, you will know which one relates to your present circumstance. Knowing why do men pull away will help you resolve the issue in your relationship.

You are used to him taking you out on regular dates, showering you lots of attention, planning your future together, and keeping in touch through phones and messages.

Then something happens. He stops doing those thing all of a sudden.

So, no more communications, no words of love and affection, no more invitations for the weekend, and no plans for the future.

You keep wondering.. What’s the matter? Was his pulling away my fault, or was there something going on inside him?

Of course you would want to know why he just left you like that. You feel the pain, the fear, and you are starting to become hopeless that he will reach out to you again.

Why Do Men Pull Away

Why do men pull away from a relationship when things are so perfect?

There are several possible reasons for deciding to be distant. Whatever is his reason, it is obvious that he needs time and space to resolve whatever is troubling him.

And right now, you should give him what he needs. It will not be wise to prevent him from leaving through means that he will surely not like.

It will just add to his stress levels and make things between you worse.

It is also not recommended to involve others in your problem, but try your best to settle the issue among your selves.

Always remember that for every problem, there is always a solution.

Therefore, you should wait for him to clear up his thoughts, and be able to find ways in dealing in this difficult situation.

Pray hard and hope for possible things to happen to your relationship. As the saying goes, “into each life some rain must fall”.

There are many things to consider when thinking about why do men pull away so suddenly; and these 6 are only some of those reasons.

Don’t fall into hopelessness at once.

Read these first very carefully and the explanations herein might help you understand the situation you are in at the moment.

1. He is strongly affected by the relationship so he tends to compartmentalize his feelings.

Some men just couldn’t handle the problems at work and the relationship at the same time, and they tend to pull away.

He may need to choose which one to prioritize.

If he decides to give more time to his work to get his life together, then he will have to drop the relationship for the meantime.

That explains the withdrawal. A man who is in a stressful situation, evidently needs support in making a decision concerning his problem.

By “support”, it means that he needs to be left alone for as long as he needs until he is able to return to a stress-free situation.

2. He has become uncomfortable with the relationship.

Entering into a relationship can give you joys, thrills, and also awkward moments. You may have the perfect first 3-6 months with him.

The future looks bright in your eyes. It is a great relationship, you are happy with him as he is with you.

Everyone conducts himself in accordance with a particular situation. Then misunderstandings happen, and there are hostile arguments, strained communications that stresses him the more.

If your man distances himself, it’s not supposed to mean that he is pulling away. He could just be getting a bit uncomfortable with the relationship.

3. There might be a third party.

Is he eyeing another woman? Or is he dating someone else? Is this his reason for pulling away?

This is an alarming idea and some women tend to react wildly and irrationally to this.

They become overly worried about their loved one becoming interested in a another girl.

Remember this is just a possibility, so don’t freak out. Consider the matter very carefully. Do you still want him in your life?

Therefore you should do something to save your relationship. Avoid confronting him when you are feeling angry.

Wait until you are as cool as cucumber before speaking with him about your suspicion. You might find it hard to do, but this is very important if you want him to stay with you.

It won’t help if you talk wildly and senselessly like a raving lunatic. You might even push him away to the direction of the “other woman”.

4. He has some uncertainties about the relationship.

This is another reason why he pulls away so suddenly. Perhaps he feels confused about the relationship. It happens, and it’s normal.

Even if he loves you badly, there comes a time that he doubts your claim that you love him truly. He is thinking whether you deserve his trust.

He even is wondering if you can make it as a long term couple.

He pulls away because the doubts that he entertains in his mind feels like a serious disloyalty and bad faith.

His uncertainties about the strength of your bond is opposite in meaning of his commitment to you.

Although the questions are in his mind only and never spoken, still this is a form of betrayal.

In truth, the man doesn’t like to question whether your values are aligned with his, enough for the two of you to move onward.

He pulls away because he doesn’t want to let himself to ask you these questions.

He believes that it is a sign of disrespect to you and the great moments that you’ve created together.

5. He feels suffocated by your relationship needs.

This is what happens when you become too needy and ask him for more than he could offer in terms of time and materials things.

When you expect constant communication without any reason, this could lead him to pulling away, and fast.

You love him so much and he loves you too, but a girl should understand that even the most understanding and loving man needs time for himself, just as you do also.

It is called “me time” and everybody should be given this opportunity. If you keep on nagging him about almost anything, you can’t make him stay with you.

Don’t try to change him. Instead, you change yourself in dealing with him. Be more considerate.

6. He is scared to love you.

When a guy falls in love, he becomes susceptible of emotional pain, and he doesn’t want that.

So when he finds that he is starting to have feelings for you, he tends to fight it. He pulls away.

This is common to men who are not sure about themselves falling in love and taking on the responsibility of a love partner.

Maybe they need more time and space and determine their readiness to pursue his relationship with you.


Why do men pull away from a relationship? This is a question that can be answered by so many reasons. Refrain from preventing him to leave and forcing him to stay, because in serious matters, nothing can change his mind. Leave things up to him.