8 Reasons On Why He Doesn’t Call You Back And What You Can Do About It

why he doesn't call you back

You feel like in heaven, having met a great guy, who you think you can share your life with. You both seemed happy, interacting with each other, the night before.

You even exchanged contact numbers and he promised to call you. So, you waited and waited, but why he doesn’t call you back?

Of course, you will feel disappointed, frustrated and confused. He made a promise and you believed him.

You never thought that he would not follow through his assurance that he will call you. He was great the night you were together.

Now you are trying to find a reason for his flaking and many things are turning over in your mind. You want to consider things very carefully.

Did you say something awful that annoyed him or perhaps he finally realized that he didn’t want to pursue the relationship?

No, of course not. You were very cautious in dealing with him, giving him your full attention, but what happened?

Why He Doesn’t Call You Back

Why did he end up not calling you as you two agreed? I have several possible answers to this question and I will list them down here right now, for you to reach a conclusion.

So, put that panic and worry on hold and take a look at these possibilities. Don’t over think or it will make you sick to your stomach. Here we go.

1. He is looking for some curiosity or concern on your part

Maybe you appeared disinterested or not involved in him, when you were on a date last night. He’s hung up on whether you are interested in him or not.

I know you understand this, as this happens not only to guys, but to girls also.

So if your man thinks that you are not interested in him, it is not likely that he will fulfill that promised call.

This doesn’t mean, though, that he does not like you or does not want to talk to you.

He does not want to call you at this time, maybe he’s just trying to think about it carefully. Give him the needed time.

2. Maybe the guy is so busy and does not have the time to call you

Every working man can be very busy at times. Parents, siblings and grandparents can be demanding.

Work responsibilities can be insistent for his immediate attention and compliance.

Something may often distract him and he will forget that he has made a promise to make a call to a beautiful girl like you.

Life is like that – full of distractions and anything can happen and makes a man change direction, quickly and unexpectedly.

However, don’t think that it is the end of the world.

3. You don’t look attractive to him on a non-physical level

You may be beautiful, yes. You may be oozing with sex appeal and your outside appearance is attractive to guys.

So, what is the problem?

He is looking for something that you lack, that attractiveness from the inside that is good enough for him to get to know you further.

Maybe you connected last night on a conversational level and you were not able to show him that special spark and that spirited and courageous quality that will get his juices flowing.

Simply, the guy is not excited to know and become a part of your world.

4. He’d been turned off by one particular deal-breaker that he knew you had or didn’t have

Men often think about the type of women that they want to date and eventually share their life with.

Some even list down the qualities they desire in a partner. In a relationship, there are red flags and these are different for every guy.

We also call these deal breakers or the qualities that you may either have or lack, that will surely disqualify you as a prospect in a date.

For example, if having a big, close knit family is very important to your man, and then he learns that you came from a broken family, this lack of value could be one reason for him to not call you back.

5. Maybe he noticed that you have an agenda in making a relationship with him

You decide to stay away from a man whom you know has a plan for you that you don’t like.

A man will also stop seeing you once he sensed that you have a purpose in creating a relationship with him.

A man will realize that he wants to make a life with you after a few or even several dates, not from the very beginning of your knowing each other.

Maybe you have talked to him excessively about your plans for the future, number of kids, and even settling down on your first date.

You should know that these things are all red flags to him.

6. Maybe he noticed how arrogant you are

He might have sensed that you already want to change him at your first meeting. You criticized the shirt he is wearing, or his hat and even his trousers.

You said something about how he walks as he approaches you. Wow! And to think that it is only the first time that you’ve met.

Men do not like women who are so arrogant and think that it is their right to speak whatever is on their mind.

So if you want him to call you back and take you out on a second date, never, ever, ever say something negative about what he wears or how he walks, especially when you have just met.

7. He threw away your number as you parted ways last night

This means that he does not intend to call you back. He was turned off by your behavior at the restaurant or whichever place you met.

Guys are easy to please, you do not need to make so much effort. However they may also easily get turned off.

Once they observe how you act, and speak while you were together and realized how mean, hammered or distracted you were, he begins planning his escape from you already.

That is why he threw away your number before he even used it to call you.

8. Maybe you monopolized the conversation

You talked too much; and to think that you have been on one date only. You might have informed the guy what every member of your family is doing.

How many are working and how many are in college. Perhaps you told him how many boyfriends you have had, and why you broke up with each of them.

Are you aware that first dates are about knowing each other first? The conversation should be light and funny, and problems are excluded.

This could be the reason why your phone is silent; he definitely got turned off and would never want to see or talk to you again.


These are the 8 reasons that I know why he doesn’t call you back. He is sulking or changes his attitude so suddenly. They tend to get out (and fast), once they feel they are not to it or as soon as they see a red flag that they consider it a warning to themselves.