Why Men Lie To Women And What They Are Not Telling You

why men lie to women

Lying is widespread, on both sexes, but it seems to be more rampant on men. (Please don’t get offended, guys).

It is the truth, and I would like to compare it to an infectious disease that has become an epidemic.

But, why do men lie?

If you’re a woman, who is in a serious relationship, it is likely that you have caught your partner lying to you countless times.

What is worse is that when you confront him with it, his behavior ends up saying more and more lies.

He might even claim that it is your fault that he lies; that he only wants to pacify your feelings or ease your mind or simply please you.

He even adds that he wants to appear bigger than reality, so he mentions an expensive price of something that he got from a discount shop. (Discount shop? Aren’t they selling low priced items?)

Even if it is just a little lie, it is a lie just the same and it could hurt you big time.

Why Men Lie to Women

There are reasons, of course, why your partner constantly lies to you?

The reasons are varied and you may or may not find them appropriate, sensible or fair.

Bear in mind, however, that not all men are habitual liars.

Some do it only to get out of a difficult situation.

They believe that telling you a lie will somehow enable him to keep his peace with you.

Those who lie compulsively or habitually do so, as their personal secret and normal way of answering a question or reacting to a situation.

They say something without consciously thinking about it first.

Knowing that you are being constantly lied to, will naturally make you feel hurt, angry and sad.

The first time you caught him lying, you might have given him a second chance, an opportunity to change.

However, when the lying continues in spite of all the forgiveness, you tend to accept the fact that he cannot be trusted.

Look at the list of 7 reasons why men lie!

These are the possible reasons why your man tells you lie.

Find out which reason is more appropriate to your situation. You may also find some ways to help him avoid this habit.

1. Men lie because they are avoiding to upset you and hurt your feelings

Maybe you turn to dramatics, when you are told the truth.

You just don’t want to believe him. You want him to tell you, what you want to hear.

Whatever that may be, you will accept as long as it is in accordance with your will.

So, the guy, in his desire to prevent a serious confrontation from happening, would be inclined to tell you a lie.

If he needs to sugar coat what he says, to make it superficially acceptable, why not?

If he does not see any positive or favorable aspect in being honest with you, he believes that your life together will be even more difficult.

2. Men lie because they don’t want the drama

As stated above, if lying will not cause any serious harm and telling the truth will just create hurt feelings, grief, drama and sleepless nights for both of you, a man will choose to lie to you.

This is not to support or recommend the behavior, as my regard for honesty is very high.

Because we are all humans, it is our nature to desire for a life that is easier to live and not make it more difficult.

3. They’re just making up a story, either to prevent you from discovering a serious mistake or simply to impress you

Why impress a lady?

Perhaps to cover up for his feeling of being “not good enough” for you.

This is an insecure behavior and it is not good for a relationship.

The man cannot build a true foundation for your connection to each other if his confidence is very, very low and being boosted only by telling a lie.

4. They find lying as an easy way to get what they want

This is one reason why the number of liars increase rapidly over time.

More and more men are lying out of habit, to have an easy life sans worries and issues that are related to being honest and truthful.

This is the kind of life that they want, so these men tend to fabricate stories, even altering some events to hide their secrets.

These secrets, when revealed, may cause their relationship with women to fall, so they cover their lies with more lies and more lies.

5. Men lie because the pathway for lying has been created

You may agree or disagree with me, but sometimes I believe that some men develop the behavior, because of women.

You may be so stubborn and refuse to believe the truth.

Therefore, a man who is “straight”, before he entered into a relationship can smoothly change his image into a chronic liar, as he starts his relationship with you.

The pathway for lying has been created, so his lies get repeated, encouraged and reused.

It’s ironic because the only thing he wants is to live in peace with you.

6. Men lie because of the poor quality of communications between the two parties

Communications play an important role in lying by a man – how he starts the behaviour, why it continues and develops?

Men have this ability to navigate a conversation and they are more able to direct any confrontation than women can do.

For these men, it is as simple as instantly pulling the trigger of a gun and getting it over with immediately.

Women see lying as a false show or pretense; a deliberate attempt to be evasive or vague.

They use so many words when only a few will do.

It hurts to realize that you’re being manipulated or made to believe on something that is not true.

This expertise in lying, is simple deception and sugar coating.

7. Men lie because they want you to listen

Perhaps this reason should be ranked number 1 🙂

Why do you refuse to listen to what your man says, when you can very well listen to your parents, sibling, children and friends?

You listen to your boss very, very well, but not to your partner.

You’ve got to understand that on the get go of your relationship your guy has already told you who he is and what he wants in life.

However, later on, you begin not to listen.

This results in him eventually lying to make you listen and believe whatever he says.

Moreover, when you caught him lying, just believe that it is done for good, however hurtful it may be.


Why men lie to women?

If you know your partner enough, you’ve got to accept that lying is a part of a man’s existence and he has a good purpose for doing so.

He just doesn’t want drama, hurt feelings or any emotional conflicts, which do not benefit any relationship.

For men, this behavior should be appropriately used to please, in order for everything to end well and you and your loved one can move on.

Lastly, ladies, it’s time to examine yourself.

The claim that you are to blame for men lying may have a point, though it is difficult to accept.